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Paper Tape
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Z580 Touchpad and Sound Card Issues

Just before Christmas took delivery of my shiny new ideapad z580 running windows 8. I will explain everything first and see where we get.

I use this in my home studio and connect a Rane SL1 usb souncard through it and then use Serato or Virtual DJ and timecodes through the CD players.


After installing the drivers and plugging in the USB SL1, the touchpad came to a virtual stop. Unplug USB and it starts moving again.

I then tried option 2, which was to plug in a 3.5 stereo jack into the audio output and connect this to a mixer. Sound works fine, but again the touchpad comes to a virtual halt. I then left this for an hour and when i came back the touchpad was working. Unplug it and put it back in, then touchpad goes back to dead slow or stop.


I thought it may have been that the drivers for my USB SL1 controller where not Windows 8 compatible and as these are not available yet, I went and bought a Hercules USB soundcard, which comes with Windows 8 Drivers.


Plugged this in all excited, only to find that the touchpad freezes or moves very slowly when I do. Unplug and the touchpad moves freely. Leave it for an hour and again the touchpad moves freely and everything works.


I have tried it in both USB3 and USB2 ports. The only thing I have not tried is using an external mouse.


I wrote today as I have seen lots of people saying the same about the Touchpad. Mine is the Synaptics one. I have also read somewhere that the easy option is to use the windows 8 drivers. I dont need windows 8 mouse functions, I just want to open my music program and select tracks and play.


How do I simply change the touchpad to basic drivers without it finding the Synaptics drivers. Or does anyone have a fix for the problem. I am on the latest Lenovo drivers and Bios is up to date.


Any help would be appreciated.








Paper Tape
Posts: 2
Registered: ‎01-06-2013
Location: UK
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Re: Z580 Touchpad and Sound Card Issues

Any Help. Thanks

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