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Z580 Touchpad issue: left click periodically unresponsive



I'm having a problem with the left-click on my Z580. The trackpad and right-click continue working fine, but the left-click (and single tap on touchpad, equivalent of left-clicking) suddenly stop working completely. I think both times it happened I was try to highlight some text, so holding the left-click down, so I'm not sure whether that has anything to do with it.


It happened yesterday, and again today. Restarting the laptop fixed it both times, but it worries me! Do you think it's a physical problem with the touchpad, or a driver issue?


I only bought the laptop in summer  2013, but it was a display model so I guess the touchpad has had more use than most of this age. Still, I thought Lenovos were pretty reliable so hadn't expected a problem so soon.


I'm not very knowledgably with the technicalities of computers (but can follow instructions!) so any help would be hugely appreciated as I'm not sure where to start trying to diagnose the issue.

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