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Punch Card
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Re: Z580 WiDi can't get the driver to install.

Yup so everything should be supported. I provided the newegg link to the model and specs. As I have found out by now the tech level on this forum is below avg... I guess I am just use to helping people on other hardware forums where most users are very tech savvy. I just thought everyone knew that these cpu's have the HD Graphics as part of the cpu... so again sorry for being rude, it just seems no one here on lenovo really has any knowledge and just passes around the general basics. And no one that actually works at lenovo ever responds to anything.


I read through the other link about other members not being able to get it working and or not having access to the HD graphics on the cpu. Come to find out, lenovo did provide false information and this is yet another problem with something leneovo did or didn't do just like the windows 8 restoring to a new hard drive problem. Now they are removing all links which state those models support WiDi because thjey just can't figure out how to get it working hahaha hilarious really. I do know from my couple weeks of owning this notebook as much as I do like it for the specs, I will not be purchasing anymore lenovo products.


I mean Mark_lenovo I beleieve was his name didn't even know how WiDi worked, didn't know about HD Graphics being part of the CPU. It is embarassing when someone from lenovo doesn't have any knowledge about a product they are selling...

Bit Torrent
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Re: Z580 WiDi can't get the driver to install.

Hey bowenac, this is height of rudeness. You are not only disrespecting lenovo but also forum volunteers like me. There are only some members of lenovo registered here not all. If you think the tech level is low, then you shoudn't bother to post here. And mark is an old employee who is specialized in the older laptops and not the newer ones.
Regarding what you said on i5 processors, not all of them have an intel hd graphic with them. So should i say what you said to us in this thread.
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Punch Card
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Re: Z580 WiDi can't get the driver to install.

Think what you want they all have it... the only one I know of that doesn't support it is the 3350P but that isn't even a mobile cpu... it has it but it was disabled and sold as a regular chip because of defects... Now please show me another 3rd gen mobile i5 that does not have HD Graphics. And also show me a Lenovo Z580 that does not have HD Graphics.


Also to make your research easier here is a list of 3rd gen mobile i5's... all of them have HD Graphics.


Here is a list of 2nd gen Mobile...


Now if you were just trying to be witty and talk about non mobile CPU's for what ever reason then sure, but why would I bring that up when talking about a notebook?


And I just assumed a forum that is a sub domain of lenovo would have actual employees that monitor for issues like this... but I guess they are not bothered by it as it shows. Mark should be knowlegable enough to understand what WiDi is as well as what chips have HD Graphics built into the chip...


I wasn't trying to be rude to anyone, facts are facts... WiDi should work on these notebooks. The honest fact is lenovo has a few bugs to work out as something is preventing this from working, and certain software from being installed. Same goes for what I explained about the recovery not working on a blank new hard drive, which lenovo admitted to being a bug they are currently working on. So mark mentioned in the other thread they are removing any documentation stating it supports WiDi which I find a bit odd.


Also because of what I have seen with low tech level, perhaps maybe I should be posting more and continue to help others.

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Community Moderator
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Re: Z580 WiDi can't get the driver to install.

"I wasn't trying to be rude to anyone, facts are facts... WiDi should work on these notebooks."


Well, in fact you ARE rude. You've shown that in every post you've made. I was just trying to be helpful. Yeah, "facts are facts". The FACT is, if you weren't so smug about your technical ability, your "pre-installed" WiDi would have worked. Instead you immediately tried to dump the OEM OS on your new SSD. When you ran into problems with that, you did a fresh install of the OS.


     No matter what you "cite" about your knowledge of the Intel processor family, every Intel document I've read about WiDi states, it must be pre-installed by the OEM. PERIOD! Maybe you should take up the problem with Intel, as to why it must be pre-installed. I bet your expertise on their processors, will thrill them.


     You're like one of those guys who buys a high performance car, then drop in new transmission, just because you can. Then you complain about the incorrect speedometer reading, or some other performance problem, caused by your incompetence.


MODS: I fully expect you to edit, or delete, my reply to this thread. I just couldn't allow this "poster" to continue to insult, all of  the fine people who tried to help him/her out.




I'm DO'ing IT

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Punch Card
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Re: Z580 WiDi can't get the driver to install.

WOW hahaha, your obviously offended some how. I don't see how I was being rude at all.


Thanks for further proving my point though... the pre installed thing just means that for it to work out of the box since we are talking about mobile processors yo know the ones that come in notebooks, the software would need to be pre installed for it to work. Now you can go ahead and do some more research on that since for what ever reason you seem to think its like magic and only the manufactuer is able to install this so called secret software...


I have read numourous threads about installing and getting WiDi to work on notebooks that have the hardware that meets the requirement, but wasn't sold stating Widi support... and intell provides them links to the drivers etc for it to work. That is all that is needed, Intel has never said to them, sorry if your notebook manufacturer didn't install the drivers it simply won't work... That is all that is needed ok...


I don't know what your problem is and why you don't get it. It has nothing to do with doing a clean install of Win8 although it is nice having a bloatware free OS... I just can't get the drivers to install like a lot of other people on this forum if you read my previous posts and read anything on that link that was provided.


HAHA nice one about the high performance car etc... No I would get the correct speedo gear.


Anyways I am not insulting all of the fine people, in fact there are a couple very knowledgable people here. By me saying IMO it doesn't seem like there are many knowledgable people should not be insulting to those who are not. And honestly I shouldn't expect there to be and I don't expect there to be. This is not a hardware enthusiast forum, it is a lenovo forum. I appreciate people who try to help, but when people are not even knowledgable whats the point of trying to help... If I know the solution to a problem then I provide assistance. And if I know I do not know how to solve a problem I don't just rehash obvious things that don't make a difference or add any value to a thread.


I'm sorry your upset at how you feel I have acted, I wasn't trying to be rude at all and I guess sometimes I can come off that way but its never personal.

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