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What's DOS?
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Z580 i5, 500 gb with no windows 7 - default partition sizes.

hello everyone.

i spent the last 3 hours of googling and reading this forums mostly for any information about the okr system and the partition sizes.


unfortunly, i wasnt aware of the importance of the drive d partition and i wiped it and merged it into drive c.


after some experemiting with the partitions sizes i was able to use the okr system and create a back up of my system (windows 7 ulitmate). however when i try to use the back up to restore my pc it says that i cant proceed because the partition sizes are not the default.


what i want to know is what was the default partitions in order to get the okr system to work properly.

if any lenovo emploey can check the z580 model with 500 gb, with no windows 7 partitions i will be verry gratefull.


i remember that i had 4 partitions at start:

1. no label- system partition with boot files (as i remember it was 29-30 gb)

2.. drive C- with arround 400 gb.

3. drive d- arround 30 gb (used for the lenovo system okr i believe).

4. last drive is 1.5 gb with some of lenovo software.


please if any1 buy a new Z580 500 gb, pls write on this thread what was your default partitions (exact size + type of partition: fat32/ntfs etc).


thanks for reading and i hope some good person can help me deal with this problam.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z580 i5, 500 gb with no windows 7 - default partition sizes.

I have been wondering about this very same thing.


My Y580 has a corrupt MBR and all of the free space on my hard drive is gone.

The laptop works, but there is no free space.

I've backed things up but it won't do me any good.

I'll NEVER be able to restore it.


You see, the Intel Rapid Storage Technology is responsible for creating the Virtual Partition

between the 32GB SSD and the Hard Disk Drive.

The ONLY way this is mounted is when the system boots from the SSD and loads the

Intel RST drivers and locates the HDD parition and merges the two.


If I create a backup and then try to restore it, I will ALWAYS be limited to the 32GB partition of the SSD.

So anything greater than 32GB on a backup will be totally lost.




Now I have to REMOVE both the SATA III 32GB SSD and the SATA II 1TB Drive and replace them with a

SATA III 1TB Drive or larger.


What a mistake this system was...




What's DOS?
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Re: Z580 i5, 500 gb with no windows 7 - default partition sizes.

ok, after alot more of reading on the forum here i was able to find a post of some1 who had pretty close problam like i had and i did as he suggested and it worked.


let me explain you people what i did for any1 who might be on same problam like me:


first, let me say which partitions i had at the moment of the problam:

1. with no label - system partition (containing boot system files) - used to be 29 gb.

2. drive c- 400 gb (windows 7 location).

3. drive d- ntfs partition 29.32 gb

4. lenovo-part - partition (hidden, and btw i didnt touched it since i baught the pc) 1.08 gb.


what i did is pretty simple:

1. i first reinstalled the OKR system from the disc i got with the pc.

2. with a partition manager program i deleted the drive d partition, and gave all its space to the system partition.

so what i have after the changes is:

1. system partition- arround 60 gb.

2. drive c: 400 gb

3. lenovo-part 1.08.


anyway, in that time i was able to create restore of my system using okr system and also to recover using the recovery mode on startup.


hope it helps any1. 

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