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Z585 CapSenor Buttons - Theater & Thermal Management button question

These are the buttons that are located in the panel as the volume adjustment button above the keyboard.

For my system, i have them in the following order: Mute, Decrease sound, Increase sound, Theater, Thermal Management


I have having issues with what these buttons actually do. I am using the original OS that came with the computer (new computer actually). 

- When I press the home theater button (the one that looks like a video camera), I see 3 different settings. Like the brightness of the screen adjusts, but no where on the screen tells me what the actual setting is called (high, low, medium). The manual says that the computer should show which mode you are in (manual:      page 19-20).  To summarize, I simply can't tell which mode I am in. How do I view what mode I am in?


- Same issue as the home theater button for the heat management. So according to the manual, there are 3 modes: standard, silent, and efficient. However when I press the thermal button (cresent moon with a star), it only alternates between 2 modes... One, I hear a lot of noise. The other I hear barely any fan noise. However, I can't even tell anywhere on the screen what mode is which (granted though the sound is a big indicator). However, it says in the manual, you should be able to which is which and I cannot tell for the life of me where to see it.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


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