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Z70-80 audio popping



I have issue with sound in Z70-80 notebook.

I noticed this problem in first day after buying this laptop.


When cpu and gpu are in heavy load i can hear popping/clicking/cracling noise from speakers.

When i set music volume to 0 the problem stops.

Same thing happens when i'm using headphones.

This problem occures only when i'm using dedicated graphic card (GeForce 840m). Everything works well on integrated Intel HD5500.

The level of cracling depends on cpu and gpu load.

You can hear it VERY clearly when you run prime95 + furmark and music (not too loud to not drown out the crackling).


This problem doesn't happen only in my Lenovo z70-80:


I tried pretty much everything what i found on the internet:

- different operating systems (windows 7, 8.1, 10)

- sound and graphic drivers combinations

- every possible sound quality 

- different power settings

- max cpu power to 95%



Someone suggested that this is probably hardware issue (underpowered motherboard).


It's really not cool to find out that awesome laptop like Z70 has this issue.



Dear Lenovo magicians technicians do you have any idea how to solve this thing (or maybe you currently working on new drivers or BIOS which solves this problem)?

Paper Tape
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Re: Z70-80 audio popping

I am not sure if you resolved your problem but I think I might be able to help. Just like you I had this annoying popping sound when you start a game such as Skyrim or GTA 5. I tried to uninstall/ install different drivers without any success. I thought my PC will be like this forever and I was starting to get accustomed to that sound. However, one day I was checking out the updates on the Lenovo page for my laptop. I saw that there was a new BIOS update that can be found here . So I downloaded it and IT WORKED! No more popping sound. I even noticed that my Lenovo works and loads much faster on Windows 10. You might want to see if the version if you have on your laptop is the same as the new version called ABCN96WW. You can do this by starting Run and then typing dxdiag, for instance. If the BIOS version you see has a different name than ABCN9WW then most likely your problem will be solved if it is the same and the problem is still there then I have no other suggestions Smiley Sad( Good luck! I hope that helps other Lenovo z70 users because I read on forums that many people have this problem.

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