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Z70-80 crippled by a short at the power adaptor plug in

2019-05-24, 21:28 PM

The short, right at the root of the square USB shaped plug, was very apparent as there was a flash....now blackened wires and a definite open.  Happen to have another power supply from previous problem (explained later), plugged it in but the laptop, still live and working, would not charge. Battery down to 50%.   Turned off the pc.  It would not turn on again.

  Don't laugh, I am desperate now.  I dremeled the ends of the laptop battery away until I could see metal.  Soldered wires to these and hooked them to a variable voltage power supply set for 15v (the battery is 14.4v)  Inserted this battery back into the pc and it still won't power up.  After a couple of hours on this the battery is surely charged up.   The DC pwr supply would have supplied sufficient voltage anyway.

  The reason I had a second power supply was the exact thing happened a couple years ago after the laptop was about two years old.  Power cord at the input adaptor shorted and (that time) shut the pc right down.  Fortunately I had a good 3 year extended warranty with Lenovo, and after setting everything up with them, shipped it to repair depot (NC?).  Four weeks later it came back and worked just dandy.  They did not say what was done to fix it.


  So I use this laptop a lot.  You would think after that first incident I would be doubly aware of the plug in wearing and fraying at the laptop end.  Nope!  It happened again two years later, and this time it's out of that nice extended warranty.  Tried calling Lenovo.  I'm not sure, but decoding what's seen after wiggling my way thru the voice directory it appears this laptop is no longer supported.

   I just want to get it fixed.   Does anyone see a likely answer to this problem?  I was an electronic tech 25 years ago and have no fear and  nothing to lose by digging into this myself if someone can point a likely place to look. (i.e. common problems like an open capacitor, fried diode, blown internal fuse, etc.)  I know this old pc was state of the art during his intro is now passe, but I sure like it and would like to keep it running.  Thanks.


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