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Paper Tape
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Z70-80 touchpad control problems

I have a new Lenovo Z70-80 with windows 10 preinstalled. Every five minutes the touchpad becomes insensitive, the cursor often and other times moving my finger on the pad zoomes the browser pages in or out. After few minutes it goes back to "normal"... 


I called support 4 times but they claim they never heard of this issue. I uninstalled, reinstalled drivers, updated Bios, reformated etc ... the issue persists. I deeply regret having switched to Lenovo.

Bit Torrent
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Re: Z70-80 touchpad control problems

Yep there is something wrong with it. I am still OEM OS of Windows 8.1 which freezes the mouse and/or goes into a zooming mode but not pointer motion.

I diaable tap and select or drag n drop in the software. I don't like that feature as its too dangerous.
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Paper Tape
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Re: Z70-80 touchpad control problems

I have exactly the same issue with Lenovo B70-80.

They know the issue. They simply can do nothing.

Replacement is the only solution but issue may appear even in the new one.

I don't know if I will buy a Lenovo again although the Laptop is excelent in every other function.

They should have already explained to people what is the cause and they should already have given a new part number of touchpad(Elan or Synapticss) that does not have this issue. Of course if the issue is related to touchpad board.

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