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What's DOS?
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

I can confirm that it works with any drive other than the stock Lenovo Drive

Punch Card
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

Thanks, just ordered a new drive.Smiley Happy

Paper Tape
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

Well... I decided to try to do something about this and swapped my SSD into the the HD bay and cloned the original drive. The original -- completely wiped -- drive is now in the DVD bay.


Same "Lenovo" looping splash screen!


I didn't clone 2 of the partitions ("Lenovo" and one other). So... It must be that it sees one of the remaining 4 or 5 partitions, which throws it into the loop. I get a feeling that if I had only cloned the OS partition I would have been alright.


I think this has something to do with the Secure Boot functionality, but I couldn't figure it out. Even though F12 now only gives me one boot option instead of 2, it still makes me hit F12. Annoying, especially since I don't think Lenovo has had much to say about this (even if it was just "sorry").

Punch Card
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

HI  i found the solution, here the link.


The language from this website is Dutch, you can simply translate it with Google translate.


Everything revolves around pin 3 from power connector this must be interrupted.

This contact can be taped with tape or can inside in the caddy be interrupted.


See the photos on the website.  The best option is to open the caddy and interrupt the pin, see also the photo. 


Pay attention. this is at your own risk. I take no responsibility.


I hope that this information can help you.


Alex from the Netherlands

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

Well I can confirm that it doesen't work with other than Lenovo drive. I swaped 1TB Lenovo hybrid stock drive with 1TB ordinary drive from my portable 2,5" drive and it does not work.

I can confirm also that cuting or taping 3rd pin (post from Lex 63) doesen't work either. At least on my Ideapad z710.


So I would like that all of you so called experts stop posting unusable and misleading informations. If you are not sure, than shut up.


Looking forward to solve this problem. Thank you and have a nice day.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

I sent an e-mail to Lenovo today, asking for advice:


This was their immediate answer (translated):


"Dear Mr.,

We offer support on original configurations of  hardware and software only.

If you make any changes it is possible that your sytem no longer functions optimally.

We hope to have provided you with sufficient information.

In case you have any further questions, please paste the previous texts into your correspondence.

Yours sincerely,
Lenovo Service Center"


I offered to be tester (free of charge), e.g. for a new BIOS that would allow two HDDs inside the Z710 to run properly.

But they did not react to any question I asked specifically, only generically, as above.


I guess that´s it: forget about it.


I find it very strange that it seems that on other laptops of other brands this seems to work.

If not, for whom are all these HDD Caddy´s sold intended?




Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

Having thought a bit longer about the reply of Lenovo (see above), I find it rather strange:


In the manual provided with the Z710, it is explicitly stipulated that several parts are User Exchangeable Parts (or similarly called). These are therefore easily accessible and in random order:

- Memory (in some Z710´s both slots are already accupied, but in mine only one was, so one strip could be added, which I did)

- HDD (I have exchanged the factory 500 GiB HDD with an SSD 500GiB, successfully, with a working OneKey)

- ODD (one could insert e.g. a Bluray combo drive instead of the DVD-RW drive provided)

All of these changes are not factory originals, hence their generic answer above is not quite valid, or they should have excluded UEP.


It seems to me that while this is explicitly allowed some form of support should be given if one runs into problems, e.g. which type of memory is supported and which not, etc. Similarly, one could assume some form of advice could be provided what kind of drives can be exchanged in the ODD slot or what should be explicity excluded. Since this was or is not done, I still would expect some form of support, since it is about a User Exchangeable Part.

If it wasn´t so, I accept their answer, but at the moment I expect a liitle more.


I would still like to run a second HDD inside the ODD slot and definitive/proven advice how to make that run successfully.


Note: As you may notice from my reply, I also successfully swapped the standard HDD for an SSD while keeping all functionality, including the original OneKey backups and restores, even custom ones, not just factory restore (tested!). If one would like to know more about how I did that, I can make a new thread or hook opun an existing one, here I´d like to keep it about a 2nd HDD.


Paper Tape
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

Darn, I added a 3M non-glare overlay to my screen. I guess my system is no longer support Smiley Sad

Paper Tape
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's

Another related conterpoint is that this machine -- the Z710 -- seems to be uniquely uncooperative in the endeavor to add additional drives. If Levovo's machines did this across the board they would be selling a lot fewer laptops.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: Z710 reboots on Lenovo start logo, 2 hdd's


Today I managed to make my Z710 run two HDDs without a problem!

In spite of my earlier posting about a non-cooperative Z710 in this respect, I may now announce that my Z710 boots without a glitch from the SSD I earlier replaced the original 500GiB HDD with (in that physical place) while an added 750GiB regular HDD is in place of the ODD slot (DVD-RW) inside a suitable caddy.

How did I do this?

Well, as an ICT consultant, I could not believe that it was not possible to run two HDDs in the Z710. Having read many of the posts here regarding this issue, I found several statements, giving me clues to further experiments:

- someone writes that he succeeded to run two HDDs, but without explaining how

- someone writes that it somehow does not work with the original HDD that came with the Z710, regardless of having it reformatted/repartitioned or placed in either possible spot inside

So I decided to buy a brand new HDD and test it following the next steps planned:

A. place the new HDD directly inside the ODD Caddy, so do not test it or connect it whatsoever to any PC prior to installing it inside the Z710.

Explanation: My rationale behind it was that the operating system of the Z710 had to recognize it and activate it itself rather than through another machine. This way the entry for the new HDD in the registry of the existing OS on the other HDD, is bound to be made correctly. I assumed that the original HDD will be always given a registry entry with an ID that is already in the registry of the OS on the boot disk, and this will result in the OS thinking it is the new OS HDD and that is not the case, hence the boot loop that never ends (but I could be wrong of course).

B. Boot through the Lenovo button first, select BIOS and and see if the BIOS recognizes the new HDD as well. Then boot and let the OS recognize the HDD through Disk Management. In Windows it should produce a popup asking for the proper way to recognize it. Choose GPT (not MBR) for Windows 8.1 (I tested it with Win 8.1 US) and nothing else yet.

C. Reboot and check if it still wants to boot.

D. If yes, make a partition on the new HDD and format it (NTFS).

E. Reboot to check f it stil works.

The results with my Z710 of these test steps were as folllows:

A. Done and success. (of course make sure you disconnect mains and battery first before opening the bottom and taking the ODD out and the Caddy in)

B. The BIOS recognized the new HDD exactly right. I noticed that, as in previous unsuccessful tests with the original HDD, that the Z710 recognizes the Caddy HDD always as disk 1 and the boot disk (in my case the SSD in the original physical place) as disk 2. Weird.


After that successful test I booted and crossed my fingers, but it booted just normally! Yes, success! Then I went to Disk Management and after initialising, it came with a pop-up asking what to do with the new disk, as was expected, and I choose GPT to activate it, after which Disk Management puts it in the list properly (as Disk 0, SSD remains as Disk 1), of course still without partition. But so far so good! Already much better than before.


C. Then I rebooted and sure enough it was still booting normally and everything OK! Success!


D. Then I made a partition on the new HDD and assigned a drive letter (NTFS, E:  )

E. I rebooted again and it still works fine! SUCCESS!



- HDD: I bought a brand new 750GiB Western Digital Black 2.5inch HDD type WD7500BPKX (in NL about 70 euros incl. tax)

Why this particular one? It it one of the fastest HDDs in 2.5inch format: runs 7200rpm and has average access time, according to the specs given to me, of 3.2ms, which is way faster than other HDDs. If I place a HDD in the Z710 it better be fast one, otherwise what´s the point? An SSD would have been even better, but for the tests that was a bridge too far. I chose 750GiB, because someone on some forum said that 1 GiB HDDs wouldn´t work in any case because of some(?) hidden limitation of the BIOS and for the sake of the test I did not want to risk that he/she was right. I will however test this later again with a larger HDD.

- Proof: I made several pictures with my smartphone during the tests to make it possible to prove what I´ve written here. Some of them are poor quality, I apologize.

- Location: It does not seem to matter in what location the two HDDs are, it works as described in any case, as it, by the way, should, from a logical standpoint of view.

- OS: I tested with Windows 8.1 US only.

- SSD: I already replaced my original HDD that came with my Z710 with a 512 GiB SSD (Crucial MX100) prior to these tests, which was a challenge in itself for which I found a rather simple solution. The only Cloning Software that worked for me, after numerous tests. e.g. with the cloning SW that came with the Crucal SSD (Acronis True Image) and others, like EaseUS, is the Macrium Reflect Free. All the other Cloning SW produce cloning errors that may or may not prevent the cloned SSD to boot but always break the OneKey Backup and Restore functionality: Macrium Reflect is -so far- the only one that does not make these mistakes, taken from numerous people failing to do it  with other SW. After I tested it with Macrium Reflect it worked at once and have fully functional OneKey functiionality as if it was factory fresh plus the possibility to assign custom locations and custom backups. I also tested -for the sake of being complete- a factory restore with OneKey on the SSD and that worked too. I was lucky enough not to change my original HDD until it would fully work with the new SSD.


Type of Z710: to be exact, mine is an IdeaPadZ710AMBKTXI74710MQ8G500R8MNL. MTM: 59436353, with i7-4710MQ 2.5, 500GiB HDD (replaced later with SSD Crucial MX100 512GiB), 8GB RAM (upgraded later to 16GB), Full HD screen glare, DVD-RW (now replaced with Caddy with 750 GiB HDD, working)

What´s next:

- How to make this work with non factory-new HDDs but with rather de-partitioned HDDs?

- Variant on this: how to make it work with the original HDD that came with the Z710?

- Will a larger second HDD work?
- Will a second SSD work?

I hope this will help some people out there!

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