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backup problem.. lenovo z560


 i am very happy about the lenovo performance since i bought the my lenovo z560 an year back.. recently it started showing problems, one of them is battery life 

 i am actullay confused in what my problem is? is it becoz of the battery or it is becoz of the energy management software in my laptop.


the thing happening to me is , whenever i turn off the power switch the whole power is lost of the laptop and shuts down automatically without notice Smiley Sad .. due to this all the data which i was working on will be lost if i did'nt save it ..but then again if the power is back and switched on, the laptop will restart the windows and work as normal.. but still i loose my data i was working on .. 


should i change the whole battery for this problem ???  what will it cost ?? 

otherwise is it becoz of enery management software ?? what should i do ? please help ...

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Re: backup problem.. lenovo z560



The battery is obviously not retaining enough power to get the pc going.


what you describe is not a backup problem though


see if  you can find a more recent  Energy Management  software


to upgrade to.from the Lenovo site,for your laptop.


Please make sure to fully uninstall the current one,


and install the new clean.


Start with that and see how it goes






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