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Registered: ‎12-08-2018
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black screen and keeps powering itself off and on y510p

I have an issue with my Lenoo ideapad Y510p laptop. At first it had problems with power. It only worked with battery and battery didnt charge. Diagnostics showed that motherboard was faulty. ok i ordered new one and changed it.. now power comes in and battery charges but now have the issue when i power on laptop i get black screen.. no logo nothing, but keybord light gets on and fan starts to spin. in few seconds laptop turns itself off and powered down few seconds it turns itself on again.. and still black screen tho lights turn on and fans start to spin... and it goes on till i hold power button 5 sec while its on its powered on state. i tried the "flee power steps", tried to power on without HDD and SSD, without RAMs etc... result: none. problem presists. is it possible that new motherboard bios chip is "empty"? 

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