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Paper Tape
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bought a Y500 650M SLI that doesn't work as it should

I bought a Y500 650M SLI from that has the second card damaged I think, I go to my local lenovo warranty service(Romania Bucharest), and after 2 days there's still no sign of them coming up and picking up the laptop.

Cmon, what is this? On Sony it was the next day! The shipping service would have come to the door with the package so that you can place your laptop then next day they would come back to pick it up.

At lenovo what happens?!? Nothing! I wait for 2 days, no one comes to pick it up, when I call the number from the lenovo site they say there's nothing to be done, just to wait, and that there's no responsability from their part if the shipping service didn't process the order? How the hell can you tell me that, I'm not the one who has a contract with the shipping service, I don't give a **bleep** who is your shipping service, it is you Lenovo that has to grant me service for the warranty in exactly the time frame you mentioned.

I am so dissapointed I choosed to buy this brand, so annoyed and let down.

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