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brand new Z70 has intermittent internet slowness

I just got a brand new Z70 a week ago today, running windows 10.

It has a Qualcomm Atheros QCA61x4 wireless network adapter, 802.11n, 2.4 GHz

I have the "performance" level comcast internet access on a 3 year old xfinity modem/router combo unit.


The internet on the Z70 was very speedy when I first started using it last Sunday, but ever since Sunday night, the internet intermittently works.

What I mean is, I will try to go to a website and it will just spin and spin and not return the page.

 I try reloading the page and the page will not load.

Yahoo mail will repeatedly state "No internet connection".

When this happens, network status shows "you are connected to the internet", network troubleshooter says "you are able to connect to some websites" , and my 5 year old laptop  and android phone conects using the same internet connection are able to access the same sites without any problems--they are speedy as usual.


I have tried the following:

-upgrading the network adapter to the lastest version

-downgrading the network adapter

-uninstalling the network adapter and letting windows reinstall it.

-turning the modem/router combo unit off, waiting a minute and turning it back on

-disabling the xfinity hotspot 

-turning off my old laptop and turning off wifi on my phone to see if they were interfering with the Z70's speed

-changed the network adapter power setting to "max performance" for both battery and plugged in

-I use Chrome.  I tried Edge insead.

-Looked at what apps were running under Task Manager, and there doesn't seem to be anything else running.

-reboot the computer

-shut down the computer and restart


None of these seemed to make a difference.

Is there anything else I can try?


When it doesn't work, it willl not work for several minutes to at least 20 min or so when I give up and go back to my old laptop.  It has happened at all times of the evening and also early morning during the weekdays, and at various times over the weekend.


I appreciate any help that can be provided!

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Re: brand new Z70 has intermittent internet slowness

Use the Lenovo driver if you are not! If you're on battery turn off, shutdown wireless to save power.


As you close on mentioning slow at certain times. I would be checking the ISP speed. 


I have speed issues in the evening and the ISP speed drops dramatically in the late evening when usage is higher. 

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