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Paper Tape
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damaged y560 screen

So, I bought my y560 back in August and have had many of the same problems that have been addressed before. Recently, I accidently damaged my screen and have been wondering how to get it fixed. I called Lenovo about it and asked for a quote because it wouldn't fall under my warranty. The problem was that my operator would not give me an estimate and said their technicians would call me once they had made a diagnosis. I already know what the problem is... So my question was if anyone else had experienced this before and actually gotten a price from Lenovo. I could replace it myself, but was looking for the cheapest alternative. Also, I would rather not wait the two weeks plus shipping time. Thanks in advance.

Punch Card
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Re: damaged y560 screen

if you have any ability in you at all, you can do it yourself for $50-$100, depending on what y560 it is.

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Re: damaged y560 screen

Well, if you ask, you can get transferred to parts, and order the screen yourself. When I called about a power port issue, I was told $80 for a diagnostic, then part + labour. Labour was about an hour's worth which was $80. So $160 + part. If you read online, it's easy to swap a screen if you want to do it yourself. But yeah, just order the screen from Lenovo. They ship parts to consumers all the time.

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