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Serial Port
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disable Hyperthreading

Hi again. I have a problem with a audio interface I bought 4 mos. ago, directly to the point, I need to disable Hyperthreading on my Y560p, there is no way to do this in the bios. I need to find out how to do this. Please someone help.

Thanks Ross

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Re: disable Hyperthreading



Here's a KB that might apply.  I haven't tried it.


How do you disable Hyperthreading on Y550P?



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Re: disable Hyperthreading

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Hey Zoltán!

Thank you for your post. I was searching for hyperthreading disabling options too, on my Y570. In Bios i was searching for long time, but sadly i found out that, there is no such option. For that i was using ThrottleStop for disabling turbo mode.

I will keep you updated if it's working. 4 cores on a i7 is enough for system and gaming, and i hope the temperature will drop too.



Tested, not working. The virtual cores are there. For example: on i7 i enabled 4 cores, (total i got 8 cores, which are: 4 virtual+ 4 psychical), from that 4, 2 was virtual, and 2 was psychical. There is no option to enable only the psychical ones, so a virtual core will come out.

Serial Port
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Re: disable Hyperthreading

Thanks Zoltan, I'll give it a try
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