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What's DOS?
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frustation on veriface

i just bought my lenovo Y410 2 weeks ago and im having problem with the veriface system. it seems it takes a lot of time to identify my face. i had to turn the computer into several angles and adjust the room light jsut to log on. i sometimes had to contort my face for it to verify. it was so frustating i had to turn it off.
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Re: frustation on veriface

So, what is it? A complain?
Most people don't have problems with veriface.
The problem you told is not a problem - it's a well-known fact that veriface will not work with poor lightning.
If  you're wearing glasses it also decreases chanses of recognision.
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Re: frustation on veriface

When new biometric recognition devices become available, it is expected that problems will occur with their earlier versions. They can be either buggy or just be limited at how accurate they are at identifying points of the facial sample.
For this reason, DO NOT SMILE or make any facial expressions when you have your picture taken; just sit as if you were reading the computer screen. It is VERY hard to reproduce the EXACT same facial expression, when trying to log in again, as you did when you first took the picture. Also, make sure you are sitting at the same height from the computer as when you last took your picture for the password. Having to look up, down, left or right, at the computer screen, more or less, changes the angle at which the computer sees you and decreases accuracy. Make sure hair is not in your face and you are wearing no jewelry.
In the Future, updated software and/or drivers should be released to improve accuracy and correct problems (if any). This may allow a wider variation in angles from when the picture was first taken.
Personally, I think the facial recognition feature is over the top for a regular user. Even with or without the facial recognition mechanism, unless the drive is encrypted, you can still access the files on the hard drive. They need to incoporate this as a part of bios but ONLY after they get it 99% accurate; bios is what determines which pathways your hardware making up your computer will communicate when you first turn on your computer. Not being able to pass bios renders the computer useless but, again, unless the drive is encrypted, the hard drive may be removed for access.
With this said, most home users don't encrypt their hard drives and I would say only about 20 percent of commercial users do.
In any way biometrics is performed, a backup way to access your computer is needed in the event the computer cannot recognize you. This could be five dfferent fingerprint samples as fingerprint biometrics is very accurate now; or, where the tight security is not need, a standard password.
If tight security is needed, remember, done right, someone can trace which keys you pressed and with the right chemical, they can even get an idea of how many times each key was pressed. This is the reason the five different finger print samples would be a better login backup as the same device, or key, is used for samples; with each sample, it renders the last one useless when trying to copy it for forging.
Fingerprints are still more accurate than facial biometrics. I'm pretty sure that facial recognition sofware has a better chance of being forged or hacked due how much easier it is to replicate a person's face

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Re: frustation on veriface

If you want a simple remedy, you can adjust the sensitivity of the face verification into the lowest level the pc can recognize your face right away.  I think its ok to lower the sensitivity if you're just a regular user and not from bureau that needs high confidentiality. 

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