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graphic hardware not detected in lenovo ideapad y560

i bought lenovo y560 like a year ago.Because of virus i had to install the win7 ultimate non geniune.Since my gpu is ati radeon mobility hd 5730,i downloaded the driver from both support and from gpu is not being detected.even in auto detect my hardware was not was workin fine is givin a max resolution of 1024*768,which is actually 1366*768 my wifi and other wireless components cannot be selected using the fn button.please help!

Paper Tape
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Re: graphic hardware not detected in lenovo ideapad y560

i have a y470 but it could be different for you..there are 2 main partitions (the C and D drive (or partition) )..the D partition should contain all the drivers bundled with the laptop (factory drivers)...When I fresh installed ultimate on my y470 i had the same issue..the resolution has to do with an intel or nvidia (ati in your case driver) video driver being missing... i just installed every driver from that "D" partition apart from the bloatware and it worked...if you dont have that partion, i suggest you visit lenovo's site and download the video drivers for your ideapad...hope this helps.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: graphic hardware not detected in lenovo ideapad y560

I have a fairly new y570 and the biggest issue I now have is I am weekly, getting BSoD's from a "7e" error. When it rebots it does not show my graphics card, but when I restart again it goes back to recognizing the GT555M. Very frustrated that I have a brand new computer and I am getting bluescreens already! Is this a software or hardware problem?

Paper Tape
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Re: graphic hardware not detected in lenovo ideapad y560

 It is a software issue and I had the same issue with my y470 and the fix is to the a fresh install of windows (not that lenovo recovery, it never helped when I had the BSOD issue)"...


here is quote from another website for a response to this question about BSOD lol (i have answered the question so many times at notebookcheck forums, i used to have BSOD on a daily basis but a fresh install completely fixed it)


"it's a software issue, it has to do with the pesky nvidia driver (nvlddmkm.sys)  (it has to do with the computer thinking it's outdated or something) and i used to have the same issue...if you look up that driver on google, you will see that you are not the only one..several other laptops and desktops have that issue...back when I had the issue (it blue screened on random occasions), whenever i saw that blue screen, i quickly disconnected and removed the battery because if you let the computer fully reboot after the blue screen, the switch won''t work and you are forced to shut down and start it up again to temporary fix it...i almost returned the laptop because of this issue but i eventually fixed thanks to some suggestions in the forum...The answer is to do a fresh install of windows and install drivers from the nvidia website (one key recovery won't help you there, i used it so many times but the issue kept coming back)..and make before you do a fresh install (make sure to backup the "LENOVO (D) " partition to an external storage. You are going to the need the drivers from that partition after you do a fresh is a thread I started because of the issue...hope this helps"




p.s.  YMMV and   Sorry for the long post and here is a thread i started over the issue...

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