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Blue Screen Again
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[hardware]IdeaPad Z470 - water on keyboard

Hello everyone.


Last Friday my computer suffered a very unfortunate accident. I dropped quite a lot of water on the keyboard. I immediately turned it over, dried the water on the surface of the keyboard and then took it apart. There were no apparent filtrations to the inside of the machine. I let the keyboard dry for 48hs with a cooler on top. 


When I reinstalled it, the numbers row and the asd row were dead, except for a couple keys. 


The "weird" part is that sometimes some keys come back to life (backspace, capslock, left shift) and then die again after the next boot. 


My question, could this be a keyboard problem? Could the problem be on the machine? I've already waited for 3 days and the behavior doesn't chance (except for these random keys that die and work later).



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Re: [hardware]IdeaPad Z470 - water on keyboard

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The problem could be KB, the laptop, or Both.
Leave the battery OUT in case water got inside.

Do you have a "blow dryer" for hair?

That may help speed the drying, which can take many days.

(EDIT: I guess this is NOT a recommended practice.)


Also work the keys periodically while drying.

If KB does not work right after further attempts,
you would need another KB to test.

If water got inside, it may have damaged something
related to the KB, as the KB ribbon cable is a good
path for the water to take, leading right to the KB cable socket.

Blue Screen Again
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Re: [hardware]IdeaPad Z470 - water on keyboard

Thank you for your reply Smiley Happy


The battery has been out all the time, except when I try it. For some reason I'd rather use the battery than the ac adapter Smiley Tongue 


I haven't used a blow dryer since ionized air could do even more damage.


Do you think it can take many days to dry up? I really hope so... Where I live it'd be hard to get a new keyboard and it's gonna cost me a lot. 


Thank you for your tips, I'll keep trying!

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Re: [hardware]IdeaPad Z470 - water on keyboard

if there is no water leakage onto the motherboard then i guess it is more or less something to do with the keyboard (especially when you describe the kb key behaviour).

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