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Re: ideaPad systems announced

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You've been a valued member here for well over a year, and I'm really sorry to hear that we may be losing you.   For whatever reasons, Lenovo has not been as active as argueably it might in terms of support of Linux.  I've read some of the thread that you reference and your discussion with Archer6, and see the depth of your conviction based on the thorough compilation of clippings in your citations. 


I know Matt personally and believe him to be a good guy.  I don't think he's really the linux hater that a lot of the quotes and reprints have made him out to be, especially of late. He does say provacative things from time to time, and a lot of people follow his blog because he's interesting .(read provacative)    On the internet, sometimes things can become more positional, absolute, and defining than they may have originally intended to be...


In 2007, Matt wrote a couple of posts about linux, the first was deliberately provactive in language which you cited in your list. In his follow up post, he recants and explains in part:


"We’re not anti-Linux and I’m not anti-Linux. Like other vendors we’re trying to figure out what our strategy should be. You all know that I can never comment on anything unannounced, so I took an extreme stance to stimulate discussion. "

Looking beyond the language in the posts though, I think the audience response is probably more in line with some of your feelings...


The results were amazing with over 68K votes, and comments that have continued to accrue over the years - 914 as of today..


Over 25K of the votes were for Ubuntu... pretty clear message about a dedicated install base that took the time to show up and vote! 


I'm not privy to some of the decisions that shape the course of our policy or approach on this.   I am hopeful, that as this forum, and our blogs continue to evolve, and the composition of our customer base continues to evolve, that we become more adept at listening to our customers and building and supporting the kinds of products they want to buy.


I sincerely hope that you'll stay with us.


Best regards,





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Re: ideaPad systems announced



I also work for lenovo and I've always openly support Linux (Ubuntu for the last couple of years, SuSE, RedHat and Mandriva -when it was still known as "mandrake", mind you- before that). Doesen't that count? :smileyvery-happy:


More seriously though, and as Mark stated, we'd be very unahppy to loose a customer such as yourself, one that has proven to be helpful to both the Lenovo and the Ubuntu communities. 


Matt is a great guy, he likes conversation and loves a good argument.Sometimes his strategy is to pick fights with the Tux-community so that he can make a point (most times pro-linux points). I can understand your anger, but bare in mind those are just Matt's opinions. 


As a business we do try to support Linux as much as we can, usually through very low profile decisions. Linux is part of the ThinkPad brand heritage and there are many within the company that want it to be core of the brand's future. 


Hope we'll have you around for a long time, regards, 



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Re: ideaPad systems announced

It's somewhat understandable that Linux hasn't been your focus as a good portion of your market is business people that just need something to check their emails and run Office with and Windows does that more...comfortably, for most people.


That having been said though; with the popularity of tech like netbooks and 3G modems, it's clear the market is changing, and I think that a bit of experimenting with other OS choices and different hardware sets is going to be an important move to keeping up with the competition.


As a Linux user I recognize that it has many flaws and still has a long way to go before it can properly rival Windows. But it certainly has it's running an OMAP4-powered netbook with several days of battery life and Full HD video playback! (Just think about, okay? Smiley Tongue


If the S12 came with Moblin I'd gladly buy it the second it comes out. Sadly Moblin doesn't support non-Intel graphics chipsets. Intel has been keeping it's market on a rather tight leash lately. I just hope they don't unwittingly choke them all to death--AMD is plenty eager to take in their disillusioned deserters.

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Re: ideaPad systems announced

You mention the ideapad systems have several days of battery life, or am I misunderstanding something? I wanted to ask how to fix my Ideapad S12 battery problem : i just bought the Ideapad S12, but the battery life is a full maximum of 3 hours!!!! I thought it would last sligthly longer? I've been treating it as I should: Charging it fully, then uncharging it fully for several cycles, but now it's down to 89% efficiency and 2h54 max, with only internet and low light monitor.. what am i doing wrong? It also says the battery is uninstalled...looks like i may be missing drivers, or, perhaps the battery has a default? any chances of gettting an answer on this?

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Re: Keyboard issues?

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kojio wrote:



Glad to know I'm not crazy...I'm having simlar issues with my keyboard.  At first i thought that it was just my own fault, but now I have been paying close attention to my typing the past few days.  I've noticed that non-registering hits still occur when i purposely type very slowly to make sure that it's not me.  I've also tried altering how I type, and still it happens.   Wyth described it perfectly when he said:


 "The key depresses, clicks, feels like any regular keystroke, but it just doesn't register."


At times, I've tried typing much harder so that the keyboard makes a "thudding" sound, and still some letters don't get through.


What's annoying is that it doesn't occur too frequently, and when it does, it seems to happen almost at random (it's not always the same letters that don't register).  Therefor, I feel like service will tell me that I'm imagining things.


Anyhow, I will call support this evening and see what they suggest. 


wyth wrote:
Just curious how people's keyboards are holding up.  I've noticed that a few keys on my Ideapad Y510 don't always register. 

I type pretty fast.  When I tracked the problem, I found that when I hit certain keys, I often don't hit hit them directly, but rather on the corner (the 's' key is a big one for me).  The key depresses, clicks, feels like any regular keystroke, but it just doesn't register.  This seems to be a left-handed issue in my case; my left hand is the one that doesn't hit keys directly.

Has anyone else experienced this?  And barring re-training myself on how to type, is there anything that can be done about this, like making the keyboard a little more sensitive?


So, have you guys found any solutions to this?

I am facing the similar problem when i type really fast...


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Re: Keyboard issues?

I noticed the keyboard isssues shortly after I purchased the laptop, so I was still under warranty.  I called lenovo and shipped it back. They fixed the problem and it's been ok since.


Hope this helps.

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