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ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

I bought my Ideapad Z510 in March 2014, its Windows 8.1. Last few days it shows "battery is weak, needs to be replaced". The battery does not charge, I have to power through AC cable, whenever I disconnect AC, its power is gone.


In order to fix the problem, I did the following taks:

1. I removed MIcrosoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery, and also Microsoft AC Adapter from Battery option. But after restarting the laptop, those options always reinstalled automatically without notifying. When I open Device Manager, those options are always there though those are removed and laptop is restarted.

2. I reset the Gauge, but nothing happened. 


I cannot understand why Lenovo provides such a poor quality battery. It is gone after 1 year!!! I cannot believe it! I have 10 years old DELL laptop and still I can use that battery for an hour. But my new Lenovo's battery has gone just after 1 year! Its a shame. Lenovo should respond about explanation that why they provide such poor quality battery.


Any idea about resolving it?

Blue Screen Again
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

I have the same issue, bought the laptop around march of last year, and started experiencing the problems during the start of June. 


I've seen many topics with this issue, with the same response from Mods and Admins. It's basically a substandard battery issue, and the only solution Lenovo gives us is to replace the battery (which are expensive with the relative cost of the laptop), and that doesn't even give us assurance that this issue will not happen again in a year or so. Very disappointing. 

Paper Tape
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

hello guys,

                   I am also facing the same problem.After one year of usage i got this problem.In energy manager it was showing your battery is weaken and buy new battery.If the Ac current supply is not there it suddenly shutdowns.My warranty is also completed.Any one who got the solution for this problem please give your solution.I reset the gauge in energy manager many times but no use.Lenovo support please give fix for this issue.If we buy a new battery or any other solution.

Paper Tape
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

I am also facing same problem after 18 months.
If any solution, plz share...Thanks
Fanfold Paper
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

I bought Ideapad Z501 March 2014. After upgraded to W10 for a month, the battery weak show up just two days before i read this issue and registed to the community. No one solve this problem? Is it occure only on W10?


or this another classic problem of Z501 as WIFI?


Still need help from the one who can solve this issue without replace a new battery. 


Thank in advance.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

Former Employee
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

In response to customer reports of unexpected issues with battery performance on Z500 and Z510 laptops, Lenovo is making a battery firmware update available via download from the Lenovo Forums.


This battery firmware is intended to resolve the following unexpected charging symptoms when a Z500 or Z510 laptop is powered on:


  • Battery is dead
  • Battery is not detected
  • Battery is detected and charged to 100% but when AC power is removed, the laptop immediately powers off
  • When the battery is fully charged and AC power is removed, battery level falls dramatically within 10 minutes

Please note a step-by-step procedure for upgrading the firmware is included in the .zip file, found in the "ReadMe" folder.


The battery firmware update can be downloaded here:


Thank you,

What's DOS?
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

i'm having the same "weak battery" issue as the original poster, and your posted solution did not help at all. when i try to run LnvBFU.exe, i get a popup notice that says "there are no attached batteries that require a firmware update." i've had this computer for less than two years and windows is saying that the status of the battery is fine. please update the solution so that it will work on my battery as well.

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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

Sudden shutdown!
The nightmare is back!
After updating the firmware posted from Majestic solution I was hoping that the problems were over, and instead I was wrong.
A year later we are still here: in battery mode lenovo Z510 turns off itself suddenly and can only be restarted by connecting it to power supply.
It is really frustrating to work with a PC knowing that sooner or later will disappear and all your progress will be lost.
Lenovo is the first manufacturer in the world of PC and is unable to solve a major problem shared by all users who have purchased this model.
I'm really angry because I thought that the problem was solved but that is not so, and in these conditions I can not seem to work.
I hope Lenovo hear these complaints, and as soon as possible (I would say so urgent) will be able to solve, once and for all, this problem.
I hope you can understand our outrage.

What's DOS?
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Re: ideapad Z510 "battery weak" issue

Did you eventually find a solution to the problem? I'm having the same issues, and I want to know if I should just go get a new computer.

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