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Fanfold Paper
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ideapads vs t500 vs dell m4400

Looking for buying advise...Would appreciate feedback on my research...or other recommendations.


I am comparing features of various Lenovos vs HQ's recommendation of Dell precision M4400, which is

a lot of machine. targeted at w500. Not happy w/Dell quality.


I run Adobe CS3, DW & occasional photoshop. Listen to music often, possibly movie if travelling...

Long battery runtime, ~P8700, LED backlight, cool, quiet, great sound are desired features. :-)

Probably would trade dedicated video for longer battery life.

I think machines with 1066 Mhz FSB & DDR3 outperform others on the market.


T500 falls falls short on sound quality, I think. described as generally not exciting.

might be a safe bet.


Y650 is a sexy machine, possibly my fav., I think it would be usable in my lap. Wouldn't need my glasses. :-)

1. might have usability issues with the keyboard and trackpad. 

2. battery life is questionable.

3. sound is pretty good? but no sub.

4. display is pretty but not high res.

5. white inside not really serious/professional looking.


Y530 looks pretty great, but lots of vents on the bottom...

1. battery life is fair?

2. might have issue with speakers and sub?

3. usablility issues because of hot palm rest?

4. display is pretty but not high res. 


y730 is huge.

1. better display comes in an orange toy but actually looks nice.  might not be tough.

2. display is CFL not LED, but hi res like my 22" desktop

3. might have issue with speakers and sub?

4. runs hot

5. old chipset and slow bus

6. dark blue serious looking case is less machine


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Re: ideapads vs t500 vs dell m4400


1. Keyboard is delicious - it is situated near screen so when yo type holing it on knees it's unbelivably comfortable - it's the best keyboard I ever touched and in context of right place within laptop it makes it even better than best.Touchpad is good too.

2.  Though battery is only 2200 mAh it holds more than 2 hours of hard work. But for some reason no additional batteries are available for all Ideapads.

3. Believe me - sound is good. Modern laptop subwoofers are marketing cheats, nothing more. Even really big laptops like Toshiba X200 or Lenovo Y730 have them at least playing from 300 Hz which is certainly can't be treated as bass...

4.That's true.

5. Tastes may vary but you're right - none of Ideapads were designed for business.



1. Though having 4800 or 5200 mAh batteries those work not really much - a bit more than 3 hrs in extreme light mode and a bit more than 2 hrs under heavy load - compare with 2200 mAh of Y650 that has the same result.

2. What kind of?

3. It is warm, not hot. Doesn't affect usability at all.

4.  True.


Y730 is Huge

1. It IS nice. Bt to my taste pixels are way too small even for 17" screen.

2.  Yep. So what?

3. What kind of?

4. Not really - though it is hotter than Y50/Y530 you will not feel it as it warms on palmrest less.

5. Old chipset is not an argument since it works well. Bus width is not as ritical as processor speed itself unless you have quad core.

6. I don't get you...


To my taste Y650 is your choice except battery life - I held in hands all of them and can assume that others will not feed your needs.

//help will save the world
Fanfold Paper
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Re: ideapads vs t500 vs dell m4400

My desktop is runing 1680 x 1050... I really like the real estate.

When I drop the resolution down to something like the y650, 

(1280 x 1024 or  1024 x 768 are the closest) then I feel really trapped. :-)


I do like that the y650 has all the latest components.


Looking at the lenovo site, I see that I can get an orange y730 4053-34U (5th column on webpage)

with the 35 watt CPU T9400 and 2x320GB hard drives and blue ray (for backup! :-)

with the high res screen in only 4 days time...


I could get a more efficient model 4053-32U with the P8600 & 3GB RAM (2nd on webpage)

but I have to wait for 9 or 11 days or so.


What can be done with the 2 drives?  Can they do Raid?  Couldn't one be put "offline" and spin down?

any thoughts?


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Re: ideapads vs t500 vs dell m4400

Y730 has some kind of specific film on screen - you'll see it when you open it.

It is kind of special abiliy - it makes colours brighter an juicy in games and movies but i's a bit hard to get used wit it regarding reading texts and web-pages. It's my own separate opinon.

Two disks barely can work in RAID mode but ther's a cool feature - you can use second HDD as external one. It has two contacts on it - SATA and mini-USB. So you can disattach it from laptop on the go, attach it by USB to another laptop/PC, get files you need and attach in Y730 again on the go. I use one from Y710 constantly - extremely usefull feature.
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