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instaling win 8.1 from usb to NEW hard disk in a lenovo z50 70


i did the bootable recovery usb for 8.1 windows from my laptop in a 32gb usb stick

i open the laptop take out the hdisk and put a new one

plug the usb

power on

and the procedure started for instaling win8.1

first i choose language for keyboard etc

then i choose to instal windows keeping the existant partitions of the disk and keeping my files

starts after 2% stops giving an error

then i try again choosing no to keep the disks partitions and wipe all files from disk...that says it might take a lot of time...starts and at 32% stops again

i do that again chosing the other two obvious options ...that is keeping the partitions wiping all dta and not keeping the partitions and keep data....all fails


i then take the disk out ..plug it as external and formated the disk ...its not allocated so i allocate it and becomes a GUID disk exactly as the one lenovo has on from factory...with all the same partitions as lenovos factory hard disk....

i put it back on the machine and try all over again given the fact that the error message was about 'partitions not found' or ''recovery partition not exist'(it should exist in the usb stick)

i try all the above solutions again...and nothing ....same errors


i take the disk out again plug it as external disk  and results 'again partition not allocated'...i alocate it and try make it an mbr disk...option that is not i cant try this way

at this point i have doughts about my usb stick

i format it ,plug it on lenovo and do again the recovery disk that is more than 16 gb and can install windows in a new i create a fresh usb bootable for this purpose.


...i try again....and nothing..error mesages as 'partition missing' or 'recovery partition missing' or just 'error messages'...


with this i am trapped and i cant put a hard disk a new one to this machine...the new hard disk is not an ssd the same as the one it has the lenovo from factory.


at this point i thougfh the hard disk might be not i took another hard disk and formated it ,one i had for back up reasons and still after i did all i did with the new one....i got the same errors at the same time....


if someone can help me....cause practicaly when this hd breaks..i ll have to abandon my 'one disk use ' laptop of 799 euros

it is a z50-70/ i7 /1000gb hd/ nvidia 4gb/ram 8 gb.......but unique hard disk use....after hd breaks..u buy a new laptop....

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