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What's DOS?
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lenovo Y410 fan

My laptop overheats and fan rotates at high speed. I blew air into the vents to clear but the mistake I did was when the laptop is running. I guess, it broke the fan as it immediately stopped rotating and doesnt rotate anymore. 

Any idea how easy/difficult to replace it on my own? or shud I take to service center. 

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Re: lenovo Y410 fan

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If you are in warranty, I would suggest that you let the repair center handle for peace of mind.   If you are out of warranty, or just want to do it on your own, it is fairly easy.


1) Remove the battery and AC and turn the system over.


2) The cover is toward the right side of the machine and held by 2 or 3 screws - carefully remove these and lift up one edge of the cover on the side where there is a place to lift with your finger.  Be careful as the opposite site has some tabs which slide in that you don't want to break off.


3) Inside, you should find the fan, and it is held down by 3 screws.  I would suggest using a magnetized screw driver to carefully remove these so you don't drop them into the system.  You will need to carefully unplug the fan before lifting it out.


4) With the fan removed, check the heatsink for just build up.  You can now blow air from the outside back through the heatsink to dislodge any remaining dust.


5) Install your replacement fan in reverse order.


I'll  start a general thread on Fan cleaning for the 3000 series which will generally apply to the Y410 and some other units as well, with pictures later today.




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What's DOS?
Posts: 3
Registered: ‎05-31-2009
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Re: lenovo Y410 fan

thank you Mark for the detailed steps. It was so useful. 

When i blew air from outside, the dust builtup went inside and was blocking the fan from rotating. I removed it, cleaned the fan and now it works very well.

thanks again!!