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Paper Tape
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lenovo ideapad y570 users experience

hello friends Smiley Happy

i am planing to buy this lenovo ideapad y570 but i noticed that there is a lot of problems in this  laptop like overheating and screen issues so what you advice me ? 

should i buy this brand or look for another brand like toshiba or hp ?

need your opinions please ,, sorry for my english Smiley Happy

Blue Screen Again
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Re: lenovo ideapad y570 users experience

IMHO, I would go with a different brand.  Lenovo's IdeaPad designs are not ready for prime time...too many issues that should have been resolved prior to releasing the designs for production.  And post-sale support is simply awful...nothing like the excellent experience I use to have with Lenovo's ThinkPad designs and service.  Again, just my opinion based on my experience thus far with two Y470 machines.

Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo ideapad y570 users experience

I just got my y570 i7 computer recently so keep that in mind. IMO, it's not a bad computer, I haven't had any issues. I like the heat vent being on the side - my HP had it at the lower back so if you keep it on your lap ("laptop") your leg will block the exhaust. The graphics card is pretty good although the screen resolution is a bit weak compared to other computers. One thing I really don't like is the keyboard - it's goofy. Like they were trying to model it after the Mac but failed. The number pad is just poor - no delineation from the rest of the keyboard.


What drew me to this model was:

I wanted an i7 Quad & a separate video card. Most of the other computers I looked at had just an onboard Intel graphics card which wouldn't cut it for most higher end games. In this price range I didn't see a lot of computers that could beat it.


Admittedly, this forum can scare a potential buyer (or even one who currently owns one) but take a look at HP's or Toshiba's and you'll see the same thing - a lot of complaints and unhappy people. If you can find a computer forum that has nothing but glowing comments I'd love to see it.


Do your own research (like I did) - check out cnet & other computer sites and look for reviews. In the end, it's a gamble no matter what manufacturer you choose.

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