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lenovo y50-70 stuck on splash screen

i recently upgraded my y50-70 from win8.1 to win 10 when i got the notification telling me it was all ready to go.

the update succesfully completed without any issues, and since i had few things on my laptop it was pretty quick.

i downloaded then the win10 compatible drivers for my laptop model page on the lenovo website and installed them successfully but here things go horribly wrong. (ps, win10 had successfully authenticated and downloaded all the windows updates needed).
i hit reboot after installing the updates and since then i never saw the desktop again. the laptop keeps hanging on the lenovo splash screen with the loading dots, never makes it to windows or to any login page. the power cord led stays on even if the pc is not connected via ac. the only way to exit this situation is by force shutdown with the power button. the only alternative is the novo button wich starts up the pc and gives me access to the bios, boot and recovery menu (onekey backup).

these things DID NOT solve the problem:
-resetting bios (no effect)

-repairing windows (no effect)

-rollback to win8.1 (rollback fails and reverts to win10 again)

-recover with onekey backup image (fails to recover)

-reset windows + keep files and apps (no effect)
-reset windows + delete all files and apps (no effect)

-reset to factory settings (no effect)


basically everything i've done had no effect whatsoever. i had a usb drive with ubuntu on it and i tried to boot with that to see if something was wrong within the windows files and it seemed that everything was fine and actually all the recovery backups were still there and seemed that windows was not affected at all by the recovery and resets i tried to attempt. checked with my healty win10 desktop pc and everything seemed in place, except for my personal files and apps, but i could have done it without them. just wanted my laptop to work again.

so, after all this fuss, i contacted both lenovo support via mail (which i am still waiting for a response) and the windows support. i chatted then with a windows tech support employee and i was suggested that if i had upgraded from win8.1 to win10 and successfully activated win10, i could have done a clean install of 10 and try to see if that worked.
which did. i did not touch any of the hidden partitions when clean reinstalled w10, just formatted the main one where the os was and would have been again. so, under ms tech support guy advice, i skipped activation during the clean install as w10 had to recognize my win8.1 product key that was activated and transitioned to win10 and activate fine itself.
so, the pc boots up with win10 and i see the desktop again. w10 does not want to activate and tells me that my product key is blocked (0xC004C0003) and then that there are server issues (0xC004e016) errors. another ms tech support guy told me to have lenovo hand me a backup disk.
so, i think, i'll get this figured out later, i'll reboot my pc and see then how to solve the product key issue later.
i reboot and again, the laptop get stuck on the lenovo splash screen.

so, long story short, from a pc that couldn't boot and kept stuck on splash screen after upgrading to win10 and after installing the w10 drivers that lenovo offers for my pc model, now i still have a laptop that can't boot up windows and a unactivated w10 after some (apparently very wrong) advice from a ms tech guy. no option to roll back to win8.1 as there is no more windows.old folder after the clean install and no preinstalled backup works.
i finally talked to an authorized tech support center in my area and they told me that it could have been faulty hardware or corrupted bios to cause all of this after win10 upgrade. and that the ms tech guys basically screwed me up.

so, i'm sending back the laptop since it's under warranty, and i really want to know how this massive screw up was caused.

if you guys have any advice before i take the laptop to the assistance service, that would be great. so far all i've read about lenovos stuck on the splash screen did not help. this y50-70 don't have a removable battery so i can't do the battery/ac/power button down trick to reset stuff.

thanks for your help, i need this computer for work so having it back up and running soon would be great.

if you guys solved the splash screen issue somewhat, i'm all ears.



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