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Blue Screen Again
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lenovo y570 blue screen error

hello everybody,

last week i had my new lenovo y570 and it worked well for 3 days but when i was installing some programs i have gots some errors . however , i was playing "syndicate" then suddenly the laptop shutted-down (it did not hibernate it closed as you unplugged it from electricity ) then i turned it on and it worked , but i noticed the the charger was unplugged and i was working on the battery but th battery was 17% so it was not the reason  after that i made a recovey and the recovery finished and i installed prgrams then i was updating my Norton and the java was installing and i was downloading some themes then the mouse didnt move after that the laptop gave me this blue screen :

i need  to know is it a software problem or a hardware one ????
and do i have go to the supplier or not ????  
and is the problem is covered by the warranty ???

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Re: lenovo y570 blue screen error

This is very strange and probably some registry errors due to a bad install or bad / otudated drivers are causing this


If you are fine with installing windows / drivers on your own, then follow this guide:



Please note that with this guide you may lose the recovery partition, I personally delete the recovery partition as soon as I get the laptop as I don't want none of the bloatware that the manufacturer installs and I want a clean Windows witha clean registry so I can install the latest drivers on my own and have better performance.



Option 2, if you don't want to do this on your own, then take it to Lenovo but you will have to wait till they fix the issue and you probably will get that same laptop with the same bloatware / outdated drivers


I would try to stick to option 1 in my guide, it has step by step instructions with the latest drivers that have been extensively tested to work and give the best performance by me.


Before you do anything, try installing Wise Registry Cleaner from my forums here in this thread:


Then run it, and clean your registry, then see if the issue is fixed. If not, then you will have to do one of the above


Good luck

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Re: lenovo y570 blue screen error

From what I have read on the web,
May be a cpu issue, (hardware).
Blue Screen Again
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Re: lenovo y570 blue screen error

thank you all
Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo y570 blue screen error

Did anyone ever find a fix to this? Im having the same problem after a fresh install. However when i boot using my old hard drive it doesnt happen. I even tried copying the driver using a copy program and still get the same error. I DID Follow your install guide 100%

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