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Paper Tape
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lenovo z500 BIOS password problem

Hello! my problem started when i done a bios update installation. I already use a BIOS password. I do it but functions buttons be default and i cant Work with it.Unfortunately, during the update has been damaged password . I gave the computer to the servis but they told me that "they are there they can not remove the BIOS password". is really the only way out of my situation is replacing the entire motherboard and not the only one holding my password? Its a very problem for me but my hdd crash and for now i cant install any operation system.
Bit Torrent
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Re: lenovo z500 BIOS password problem

MB replacement is one option. Another is to have your bios reverse engineered (mod your bios). Reverse engineering is not allowed in the forum but there are other forum which deal with it so just use google to find them if you want.

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Community Moderator
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Re: lenovo z500 BIOS password problem

Welcome to the forum Paker58!


Since laptops are frequently stolen,  discussions related to the clearing or circumventing the BIOS passwords are prohibited by forum rules. Sorry!

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Paper Tape
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Re: lenovo z500 BIOS password problem

Yea i know but i dont ask for info about change password etc. I asking about service who keep my laptop. With this technology time, one option to delete crashed password is new MB ? Rly? Smiley Sad They cant change only cmos memory? Anyone know how price cost in service this service (new MB) to my laptop ? Its warranty time and i must pay but support cant help me.

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Retired SuperMod
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Re: lenovo z500 BIOS password problem

The official Lenovo position is that the mainboard will need to be replaced.  If the system has warranty this should cover it under normal circumstance, proof of purchase / ownership may be required.


Thread locked before it strays into forbidden area.



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