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lenovo z500 charger is plugged in but not charging

 hi every one.

i have a Z500 ideapad on Windows 8 OS, and now i have the charging problem , 

when i plugg in the charger , it not charging.. and i must plug it out and try 20 10 times again to it can be charge for 5 or 10 minutes and after that.. again NOT CHARGING Smiley Sad!

i also test it with another adapter but not any action about charging! i't almost dead!

i try to install firmware on this=>

link and this=>



but after two or thee steps of installing . i get an error like this => "this system is not support firmware or not configured"


i visit every page u can think about it on google about this problem but it not fixed with any solution!

and also i try to contact to lenovo support but i cant find LENOVO SUPPORT PHONE NUMBER FOR IRANIAN MEMBERS in contact phone number list! why?!

and also when i want to register in this forum , i can't find iran in list of country's for member location!

if lenovo cant support iranian members , why send the products to iran?!


i realy need help..

please help me..

What's DOS?
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Re: lenovo z500 charger is plugged in but not charging

When this has happened to me with my laptops, it meant a hardware problem. Either the adapter is broken or the power jack is broken inside your laptop, or had been bent off. You can try to solder a replacement back on the motherboard if your laptop isn't under warranty. Or take it to a repair shop if that isn't too expensive. Either way, I don't think downloading anything is going to help you.

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