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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

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My y560's display has been okay for the most part (in between  freezes, unannounced shutdowns, and blue screens on a daily basis), but i think i have a faulty piece of hardware somewhere.


I am running Bios 71 (which was not the cause of the artifacts, it was doing that beforehand. but it is doing it progressively more now... my y560 is currently unusable), and AMD's newest driver (not lenovo version, that aggravates the multitude of issues) with CCC.


Hardware acceleration is disabled, but the causes of the crashes are (seemingly) as numerous as the crashes themselves.

A video game that runs fine any other day will suddenly cause the computer to crash (played Mass Effect 2 for 6 hours straight 3 days ago, now starting the game is impossible. Same story with team fortress 2).

Youtube videos (sometimes).

Playing minecraft in fullscreen mode (or windowed mode, but happens a bit less quickly).



Sometimes, the screen will become completely unresponsive, and pressing the power button (which i have set to "hibernate") will make it hibernate. upon restarting it, the screen once again works (usually).



Physically bumping my y560 is enough to have it freeze and artifact, and when the artifacts show up, they do not go away. Not in safe mode, not normal startup (which immediately freezes after logging in if you do attempt it), and not in Bios setup (f2 after startup).



I am about to go insane.

I have sent this thing in twice for the same issue (faulty power inlet, the first RMA took an entire month), and the audio was sub par (static in headphone line) until i lucked out and found a user modded one.


My y560 comes with an intel i7 740qm, stock 4gb of ram, and whatever graphics card (non-switchable mobility radeon).


If you want to see some of what it does, i have uploaded one of the many games it plays here.


EDIT: new videos one, two, three, and four.



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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

Registered today because I've finally had enough with my Y560 that was purchased back in July (which now conveniently is no longer covered by the manufacturers warranty).  For most of the first year it was fine aside from the screen door display issues with the 5730 was on.  However the hardware and build quality of this machine has been an utter failure.  Back in January a stray child bumped the closed laptop off a bed onto a fully carpetted floor no more than 24" down.  The battery popped out snapping not one both both of the pathetically feeble skinny plastic clips holding it in, since then only glue has kept the battery in place.  Clearly this is no way for a laptop to be treated normally but to have chasis failures from such a soft drop is unacceptable.  My previous toshiba was a tank that survived four foot drops onto concrete with nothing more than some nasty gouges and some cracked plastic.


More recently in the past few months the dedicated GPU has become completely unusable.  From soft hangs, to freezes to entire BSoD's.  Now I don't even get a BSoD but a black screen while the laptop sits there spinning its fans at full tilt.  Even trying to reboot it back to the integrated GPU is failing at this point and until I can get it to do that it's nothing but a paper weight.  At best my laptop cannot use the 5730 at all and can never be plugged into an external display as it's switches to the 5730 when doing so.  Gaming is absolutely out of the question at all.


 I don't know how Lenovo watches these forums but a responsible company would rectify putting out poor hardware like this, even when the machines are out of warranty.  I've seen the Y570 and it seems like a night and day difference between how well it was designed compared to the Y560.  But how can I trust a companies products if they don't stand behind them when they barely even last a year?

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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

a l

What's DOS?
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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues



i have problem witch my Y560. Graphic not function or what, i have this BSOD


When i use oficial driver, have i this BSOD, when i use unoficial driver have i after boot Black screen...

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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

Trollop, sorry to see your having such problems and after viewing your YouTube video I have to wonder if your problem is a short inside your laptop. Possibly other loose hardware. I myself have a Y560 i7 740 with 8gm and ATI graphics have had problems which at this time seems to be resolved mostly do to drivers. As for smacking the keys and such maybe you should delete video in case you still have some warranty left. Just my own opinion. Good luck 

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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues


I also have a Y560 laptop and have had BSoD. It seems many of us have this problem but some have been able to fix their problem where others for unknown reason haven't been so lucky. I would suggest Viewing your minidump files with a viewer and try and locate where is might say the problem came from. In my case I was missing a few versions of Visual C++ and a couple other things. I am now using drivers from AMD/ATI ccc 11.8 and thankful that since I have not had any more problems.

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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues



I appreciate the reccomendation,but lenovo would not void my warranty for something so minor. If lenovo does decide to, I will just make a huge stink over it, as i did not specifically state which laptop that was. It "could be" a freind's laptop.



I get the feeling lenovo is becoming the next Dell, and I imagine their rap will be just as bad in 1 or 2 years. They already have a negative standing in many technology circles.

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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues



Yes I agree about its standings. I do think all the major brands are having the same thing happening. Only way to maybe get around it is to buy from Custom manufactors that build here from China parts. Huummm China Parts seems to be the Key word. Let us know if you get your laptop fixed. I for one have refused to send mine in for service. That is up until the point I can no longer make it run on my own or from others help here at the Forum.

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Lenovo Graphic Card Problem

I await your response

Hello, I bought my lenovo laptop 1 month and since I get given me problems.
What happens is that every time I try to enter a game suddenly takes off and tells me the graphics from ATI and broke down and recovered, but that happens to me from playingtoo repeatedly.

I have done everything and updated the bios, graphics card and most interesting that the problem does not happen when I disconnect the charger and battery fluid to run a lot but!and I noticed something, and that there is an option in the ati card driver is called POWER PLAY it prevents that to be on the laptop all the performance needed to play and if it disables entering the game does not work and when checked Battefield works but I have BC2 and I run at 30 fps and if I do during the game as I disable the game runsat 60fps! nesecito aid does not like having to do this process to play and also want toget the most from my laptop and done everything but nothing works any solution.


lenovo y560

i5 480M

4gb Ram ddr3

windows 7 64-bit


srry for bad englishSmiley Sad

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Re: Lenovo Graphic Card Problem

@ raulsxz
please, see the previous posts first.

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