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Paper Tape
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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

d a fix that seems to work for me i have a lenovo y560p 64bit with ati

found fix on you tube

Just make sure you create 32 bit Reg Dwrod files not the Qword.

go to start/regedit/HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Video/{19317A2

­F-F50A-46B0-A6BO-A68A-F9BE0880DBOC}/0000 (In the folder video folder you must have 6 with big names, ITS IMPORTANT TO GET in that 0000 folder wich containts more files regystry files then onthers) you need folder 0000 ..! in that folder you must create 4 REG_DWORD files...
(if you have 32 bit windows create 32 bit REG_DWORD, If you have 64 bit still Create 32 bit REG_Dword...
so lets create....
1---- PerfLevelSrc With dec value 3322 hex will aout populate cfa

2---- PowerMizerEnable With hex/dec value 0
3----- PowermizerLevel With hec/dec Value 1
4------ PowermizerLevelAC With hex/dec Value 1
Done...Smiley Wink The problem fixed...
Sorry for my bad English.... =(
Paper Tape
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Y560 AMD driver has stopped responding and has recovered problem


First off to let you guys know, I am not very good with computer tech stuff so I hope you can explain your instructions as thoroughly as possible. thanks Smiley Very Happy


Well anyways, whenever I am playing dungeon defenders, Every few minutes my computer will freeze and the screen goes black and comes back on like nothing happened. It will say my AMD driver has stopped responding and has recovered. I tried going to the lenovo site to update drivers but whenever I try to update the nvidia driver and the intel onboard graphics driver, it would say my system is not compatible. I have not played any other game so I am not sure if this problem occurs with the other games, but I would assume the same thing would happen.


Let me know any information you need about my computer.

display : AMD Radeon HD6570M/5700 series

Windows 7 64bit




What's DOS?
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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

Hi all of you.

I'm really disapointed  with my Y560 laptop.
I'm having it for a year and there are a bunch of problems from the very begining.



When usign the ATI vga the gradiants looks fragmented and with color noised.



Very poor quality plastics and poor engineering solutions inside the chassis. I was having a problem with display hinges.
The hinges are screwed to the plastic chassis. The material there is thin and construction is not stable. I barely use my laptop and I've never drop it or have some stress on it but I suddenly fond the hinges were moving strange and when I opened the laptop the plastics were broken.



I found a bug in bios 71 today. May be this is just me. 

After updating to 71 I found out that the laptop was running hotter but I tought that this is some kind of battery life  optimization. Since I wasn't using it often that was ok. I started to use my laptop often for some time and the laptop started to overheat. I'm running my laptop with CPU/RAM cover opened and I'm monitoring the fan for a few days. I found that the bios can control the cpu fan the right way. It turns the fan backward at very low speed sometimes and I need to push it the right way to start spinning like It should. I flashed the bios with older version 59. I'm running my laptop for a few hours and continue to monitor the fan. I'm not having problems for now. The fan stops and starts again always the right way and the laptop is not overheating.



please update the ATI drivers,

increase the quality of your plastic part engineering and plastic molding materials

and please have a look at the possible bug.








Blue Screen Again
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Annoying Display Issues w/ Y560

I am having a pesky problem with my Y560  I-5 


Bios - LENOVO 30CN71WW , 1/28/ 2011


Video Adapter - Intel HD, ATI   driver version 8.752.0.0


I am unsure where the problem is originating from, but basically the display will suddenly and unexpectedly go black

the keyboard lights remain lit, nothing I touch will turn the display back on. Thusly, I am forced to shut it down, reboot and go back past the logon screen.


Everything operates fine for a random amount of time, then without doing much if ANYTHING the display just drops out once more. I have noticed on ocassion it will do it when I remove the power supply cable from the side and pick up the laptop. Other times I will just be working in an office program and it happens again. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when the display drops out.


EXCEPT, there was a recent critical update issued by microsoft, when I allow the laptop to update to the newer software. It seems the display drop occurs and happens more frequently. Making me quickly re-boot, then go into system settings and restoring the laptop to the settings just prior to the microsoft update. After I do that, the laptop seems to work for longer periods, and is much more stable prior to the update. HOWEVER, it still does not solve the problem, just lessen the occurance of the problem.


I have no idea what to do, I have tried going into the power management of the computer and setting all settings to remain on regardless of there being a power source present or not, and/or having inactivity settings in place.


Is my graphics adapter corrupted?

My Bios or anything needing update? (current specs above)

Could definitely use some help.Smiley Sad


Paper Tape
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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

wow I know absolutely NOTHING about the inner working of computers, but my lenovo overheats lke crazy now and I wish you could do what you did to yours to fix mine Cat Happy

Fanfold Paper
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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

I have been having issues with my y560 for some time but it has gotten too bad. The screen has several verticle lines in it, they are one pixel and blue, green, pink, yellow.... If I hook a external screen then it looks fine. Sometimes the screen will randomly start to do act like this video at the 0:40 second mark with the flickering. If i move the screen or twist it the lines can change. You can see the lines here in this picture. All of the white is also part of part of the problem. I dont have a black screen that was to help see the white. Help would be great or feel free to post on my original thread i really havent gotten troubleshooting help. Original Thread

Fanfold Paper
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Re: newer discussion y560 display issues

I posted in the original thread when I purchased my y560 almost 2 years ago.


71 Bios

Attempted to update display drivers through lenovo's site where they deceive you into believing that 8.52 is really 8.72's obviously not. How can you get something so simple so wrong?


Tried to install display drivers from AMD site and it crashed Windows 7 OS. I had to revert back to lenovo's crappy outdated BS driver.


Let me tell you this was the largest mistake of computer purchase I've ever made...and I've purchased 4 laptops this year for my family.


Do not ever purchase a lenovo. I am out of warranty so ofcourse out of luck.


The reason why there is no official fix for this is simple. Incompetence. Save yourself some money, time and aggravation and just get yourself a good brand. This will probably get moved or deleted. But for those of you that do read..please I beg you. Do not buy a Lenovo.


My display issues have only gotten worse over time. it.

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