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nvlddmkm stopped responding Y500 8.1

I am getting too many of these "Display driver nvlddmkm stopped responding and has successfully recovered." issues, it started with Chrome, and now it's happening all the time in Firefox.

I have 2 montiors setup, I will be for example surfing on one monitor on a site like joystiq or kotaku and watching a youtube or twitch video on the other. Turning off Hardware Accel didn't work for me either. I had this issue in Windows 8 with all the drivers starting with 326 it was worse with 331, now in Windows 8.1 we're stuck with the ancient drivers and I"m getting the issue sometimes repeatedly in a row. In my System events log my display driver crashed 5:18 am 5:19am 5:26am


This is a horrible experience it never happened when I first got this laptop.


I have my laptop on a small table next to my computer desk with nothing near the vents, it is proped up on the foam laptop stand that was in the box, I turn it off nightly, I've attempted to clean out the fans with the fan cleaning in the lenovo app.


There has to be a solution to this, it's driving me crazy and making regret buying this laptop big time.


I currently have 307.64 installed in Windows 8.1





I just read that this can happen because theres a Nvidia issue with the cards trying to switch PhysX over to the CPU and back to the GPU, someone said they fixed it by putting PhysX on one of their cards, any idea if this works?



ANOTHER Crash at 6:06am this time I wasn't even watching videos, simply on Giant Bomb scrolling a review page, this is really getting ridiculous



Had a very scary cold boot where the laptop screen showed "Lenovo" and then went purply black and stayed that way for about a minute, finally the montiors loaded up my desktop.

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