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What's DOS?
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pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

I have an ideapad Y510, entry-level, 1.6 GHz dual-core w/ 2 GB RAM. I purchased it on Shop NBC, it was a packaged deal that came with a d-link wireless g router, as well as a lexmark printer, and loads of pre-installed software and trials. I first began using the computer in March, although I am still unclear about the status of my Office registration. This may be a stupid question, but here goes..
When I first began to use Office, it asked me for my 25-character Product Key, which it said could be on the bottom of my computer. However, when I entered this key (about 2 dozen times before calling Lenovo support, it tells me that the key is invalid. Does Office have its own 25-character Product Key??
I called Lenovo Support, and they told me I need to get a Trial Version & Trial Product Key, and would have to purchase Office after the Trial expired. I am wondering whether this makes any sense, because I always thought that most pre-installed products, especially Microsoft products, would come with the purchase of the computer. If my trial expires and I don't buy it, wouldn't that mean I'm essentially left with no word processor, nor any of the other microsoft software? If I actually have to pay $300-600 (depending on the Suite version), that's a rip-off. Isn't it supposed to come with the full version? I tried to find this out both on Microsoft's support site and Lenovo's but I couldn't find the answer..
Serial Port
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

Unfortunately you are correct. You only have the trial version installed. At the end of the trial, you will have very limited functionality of the program unless you  purchase it. There are free versions of different office suites available. Just Google Open Office or Star Office. These are great programs that open and edit most any MS document. They are free and are pretty simple to use. Obviously not quite the same interface as MS, but great anyways.
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

Yes, what MikePasta said is true.
If you don't want to "buy" the trial I would suggest removing all the MS Office related items from the Add/Remove programs feature (there are several different items that have to be removed).

In addition to the free alternatives that Mike listed, the MS Office "student" edition is a good deal for about $120 if you qualify as it allows installation onto several (three I think...) PCs and has all of the "core" MS Office suite items.


Punch Card
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

What they said above is right! It's just a trial and thats all...

I dont know about the other people with y510s but mine came with office 03 and 07 trials installed!

I just thought it was kinda funny both were installed! hah
Paper Tape
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

When I first began to use Office, it asked me for my 25-character Product Key, which it said could be on the bottom of my computer. However, when I entered this key, it tells me that the key is invalid.

I have the same problem with this Trial of Office 2007 on my new Y510.  The Product Key furnished with the CD is invalid, according to the Microsoft Office Activation Wizard.  So I bought and installed a student version of Office 07.  However the Office Activation Wizard continues to pop up and demand the Product Key, which it still reports as invalid, and then threatens to shut down the application (Word) after the trial (16 more uses.)


I've uninstalled this Office Activation Wizard from the Control Panel/Programs, however it continues to pop up when starting any Office application. 


I believe there's a way to remove this Office Activation Wizard,  but it may require removing the key from the registry.  However, I'm new to Vista and not sure how to do that.  I'll keep searching and post my findings here.


- Mike



IdeaPad Y510, Intel T2390 1.86GHz CPU, 2GB RAM, 160GB WD HD, Vista SP1
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

mikiesoft, the Office activation wizard didn't give me any trouble after I uninstalled the trial version that came with the laptop then a fresh install of Office. Perhaps you could try that.


RebelS122, it doesn't really make sense for Lenovo to bundle a $400 suite of software with a $600 laptop, does it? There are also many free alternatives to the MS Office suite ( for example). So you could use one of those should you choose not to purchase a retail version of Office.

Fanfold Paper
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

It doesn't matter if it "makes sense" for them to bundle it with this laptop. The bottom line is that when you purchase it, it doesn't say anywhere that the Microsoft Office 2007 is just a trial version. I got mine from TigerDirect and am really annoyed that it appears other retailers have done the same thing by omitting that information. Does anyone know if Office 2003 is compatible with Vista? Don't even get me started with Vista...
What's DOS?
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

I'm having this problem, too. I was aware that the Office I had was a trial version, but it says 60 days. I haven't had my laptop for 60 days yet, and I'm not sure what to do since every time I enter the product key I'm told that I'm wrong. I'm pissed off, too, because I'm in grad school have have papers to write. grr.


I'd also like to know--is Office 2003 compatible with Vista?

Retired Guru
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

Office 2003 runs perfect on Vista.
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Paper Tape
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Re: pre-installed Microsoft Office 2007 Y510

As has been pointed out in previous posts on this thread, the Office package that came with your laptop is a "demo" that you need to buy if you want to use it.


That does not mean that folks out there who purchased a laptop for writing papers and doing homework are out of luck, though.


You can download the complete package that is virtually the same as Microsoft Office!


It loads Office data formats - documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., plus a lot of older file formats, too.


I just finished sucessfully installing it on my Y510.


Go to to download a copy.  Hopefully, you are not on a dialup connection -  it is a BIG download!


If you want Office but don't want to pay the full price, do as several others on this thread have suggested.  Buy the student version from your local school bookstore.  There are two things you need to know about doing this, though. 


You NEED to be an enrolled student at that school/college/university.


You will NOT get any documentation - only the software comes with the student version!


I hope that this helps!