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Punch Card
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screen changes

Y430 - I am trying to read a screen and another one appears.  I'm new with the mouse pad. How do I keep the screen I want until I click for a change?  Am I having a hover problem or what? Thanks
Punch Card
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Re: screen changes



Possibly your touching the mouse pad with your thumb and triggering a link? 



Punch Card
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Re: screen changes



I will be alert to 'my thumb' on the scale.  But I sure would like the option to click for what I want instead of where the arrow happens to be pointed too long at something I don't want.


Hope there is an idea to force the click for my choice. I would prefer only a double-click than a wandering arrow. 


Anyone out there know how to accomplish this?

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Re: screen changes

You should be able to see the touch pad icon on the system tray. If you click on the icon, a caption will appear with "Tap to click" ticked as one of the items. Click on this to unselect it. You will now need to use the click buttons instead of the touch pad for selection. If not, you can open the "Pointing Device Properties" windows to customise the tuouch pad settings as you like. I have a different Ideapad model but I think this is quite common on most laptops.


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Paper Tape
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Re: screen changes

I am having the same problem on a new Y530.   It happens with BOTH the touchpad and an optical USB mouse.


When I go to Control Panel, and click on Mouse, a window pops up that says

        X    Unable to connect to the Synaptics Pointing Device Driver ,,,,,,,and a bunch more verbage and asking if I want to uninstall the device driver.


Also, there is no icon for the device on the Taskbar.


Help !





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