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screen flicker on y510 with vista, intel integrated graphics



I have a Y510 with integrated intel graphics (GMA X3100) running vista home premium. I was wondering if anyone else with a similar system has noticed that their screen flickers from time to time. It seems to be triggered by vista's aero glass effects most of the time--for example, it would happen when I click on the start button (and bring up the glassy start menu) or when I minimize a window (with the animated minimize effect). I'm not saying it flickers every time, just once in a while. If I have a video playing in the background, it seems to happen more often.


It's not a huge deal, but somewhat of an annoyance. So I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has a suggestion for solving this problem.

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Re: screen flicker on y510 with vista, intel integrated graphics

I've got the Y510 with the lower quality GMA 3100 and the lower end T2330 processor and definately get the occasional flicker, especially with graphic intensive programs or games. I rarely get it with movies, but I do get it. It is annoying when it happens, but since I paid well under 500 for the system, I can't complain! (On sale, 1 instant rebate, 2 mail-in rebates, already received)
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Y510 display screen flickering

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