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What's DOS?
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screen green


This problem is caused by my careless  mistake but now I'm wondering if it can be fixed? Basically, I've a Lenovo Y410 laptop and on the SD card slot, I was trying to insert a 'memory stick pro duo' card where MS Pro is mentioned as supported, may be 'pro duo' is not; anyways the card seems went smooth and the slot is too big for the card. So, it sort of stuck there and card wasn't read by the OS. So, now I had to remove it and the slot is not easy to accessible.

I 1st tried to open the back of the laptop to access that area but that area was inclosed so eventually, I used a needle/pin by pushing side ways at both sides to get it out and eventually I got it out but while doing so I've made some scratches inside the surronding slot area I think and when I booted the laptop, now the vidoe pixels got patches kind of look....not sure how to explain....the colour got changed, has green patches some area and blue in other areas.


I'm worried if the hardware was damaged but don't think the integrated Intel video card is near the sd card slot. I'm running windows 7 on it and is there any software fixes to it? 


 Thank you in advance,


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Re: screen green

not sure it helps but try to remove/replace the ram sticks.

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