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spilled 1teaspoon coffee on z400, need help assessing damage

Around 1pm today I got a very small amount of coffee (cream and sugar) on keyboard near the caps lock key, as I was wiping it off the computer turned off so I immediately closed it and flipped it over to drain. As I cracked the lid slightly to put in some paper towels, i noticed a small pool of coffee >1cm (more like 5 mm) in diameter on the screen and the computer started to boot up from sleep mode, and I closed it again with the paper towel in place. 2 hours later paper towel is bone dry but I am not sure what to do about computer. It is currently sleeping, closed, upside down, battery still inside and not plugged in. Any help for next steps would be appreciated.

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Re: spilled 1teaspoon coffee on z400, need help assessing damage

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Sorry to hear of the oops accident.  Since liquid is no longer actively draining onto the paper towel, what I would do is turn the laptop over again right side up and leave the lid open so that it can finish air drying for a day.  Placing the machine near a furnace heat vent so that warm air is circulating over it wouldn't be a bad idea as well.  If the laptop wakes up when you open the lid use the shut down option of Windows to power down the machine while it finishes drying.


Since your coffee contained cream and sugar you will have to wait till it finishes drying to discover any long term effects of the accident.  Worse case scenario is that the keys in the region of the spill may stick when used.  Given the small amount that was spilled into the machine I highly doubt any liquid made it pass the keyboard. If it did, the palm rest cover would have protected the motherboard from a direct exposure to what little liquid may have seeped through.  Just let it finish drying and let us know how it works.

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