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upgrade to windows 8.1 n some hang issues in lenovo ideapad z500

i read the forums saying that it is not recommended to upgrading to windows 8.1 due to some VGA issues. i am currently using lenovo ideapad z500 which supports windows 8 .1. i wanted to ask when will windows 8.1 upgrade be recommended for z500 !!! as i m facing issues in my stock windows 8 hangs while normal usage sometimes and slow down massivellllyyyyyyy when installing even a small software it acts like my 10yr old intel dual core or even slower. It frequenly hangs while using google chrome.i have seen my freinds asus laptop he has a lower clocked processor lower gpu....still he runs like 7-10 programs without lag ....he installed softwares installed games like gta 4 burnout paradise far cry3 in front of me n used 3-4 programs simultaneously without even a single lagg n when i install a game n try to even use my laptop it laggs like sht his cpu is i5 3337u 1.8-2.6ghz  mine is  i5 3230m 2.6-3.2ghz his gpu is 720m mine is 740m still i lgg as if i have pentium 3 with no gpu n 256mb ram plz help sort out i didnt pay 48k for this........................  Smiley Sad



and i have read manyyyyyy problems when upgraded to windows 8.1 on z500 on this forum so just wanna know when can i upgrade n if possible plz giv me solutions for my problems with the stock windows 8 in my z500.


plz help !! not really enjoying it for what i paid............  :/...


Thanking You,


Divey Sawhney.


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