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y400 wont load windows or bios

I was fiddling with the settings for the uefi (bios), clever me decided it'd be a good idea to mess around with the BOOT options in the uefi. Changed the boot options all the legacy (where applicable), changed the optimized settings to other OS (other than windows 8, and again changed the boot mode to legacy support rather than the UEFI. Now, after sobering up and slapping my self several times, i regret that decision. Can anyone provide any support as to how to revert back to the standard UEFI, and how to boot with USB on this system so i can install a real network card and not carry around a massive dongle. Anything ive tried has been shot down in flames for the past few hours and i really dont want to disassemble the laptop to remove the UEFI battery to reset it (if that still works). Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. 



Note: the laptop won't boot into OS or bios. Sometimes the Lenovo splash shows , the screen blacks out and the computer just shows a blank screen. Same with the button on the side that should load into bios. No keys work (f1-f12) but the keyboard does respond to it's own commands like screen off, caps lock etc. And the peripherals also are powered, just no response from the OS and bios. Almost as if it's bricked. 

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Re: y400 wont load windows or bios

Since it is of your own doing you should be able to untangle what you have done. If it can't be done aside from the battery removal, your final option is to send it to Lenovo for repair.

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