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Paper Tape
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y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Hi peeps, So i just recently bought a mydigital mSATA ssd and installed it on my y410p. After a couple hours of tinkering and partitioning and reinstalling. I was finally able to correctly partition my laptop with a clean install of windows 8.1 with a fully working OKR!

I. Things you will need:
1. if you are opting to do a clean install, you will need to retrieve your bios win 8.1 embedded key using this tool:; and then you need a windows 8.1 installation iso (you need to look for it yourself, unless ur an MS technet member)

2. OKR8 engineering edition iso or

3. you can also backup your os using the DISM command line tool by going to the charms bar--> change pc settings -->update and recovery -->advanced startup-->advanced options -->command prompt then you will need to input commands:

DISM /capture-image /imagefile:<IMAGE file="" location=""> /capturedir:<WINDOWSDIRECTORY>

; ex: DISM /capture-image /imagefile:d:\install.wim /capturedir:c:\
in the example above, d:\install.wim refers to the location of the saved image, c:\ is my windows directory, save this install.wim file to an external drive for your use later

II. Editing the OKR8 ISO
Once you have all this, you first need to slightly edit the OKR8 engineering edition iso to suit your needs software that can let you edit isos like magiciso

a. Creating the partitions
1. the okr8 iso will have a folder structure like this:
2. enter okr8 and you will see a create.ini as shown below
you will need to edit this create.ini file to suit your needs: in my case my configuration is as follows

***to note you can check which disk is which by using the diskpart tool in command prompt and entering list disk.

====first clean disk 0 which is my msata SSD drive and conver to gpt====
select disk 0
convert gpt

select disk 0
=====Creates winRE partition, minimum size is 300!======
create partition primary size=350
format quick fs=ntfs label="WINRE_DRV"
assign letter="T"
set id="de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001

====creates the system partition, this is needed for booting, minimum is 100====
create partition efi size=100
format quick fs=fat32 label="System"
assign letter="S"

=====creates the okr partition==========
create partition primary size=500
format quick fs=fat32 label="LRS_ESP"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
assign letter="Q"

======creates a reserved partition======
create partition msr size=128

====creates the windows partition====
create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="Windows8_OS"
assign letter="W"
list partition

====you can add another partition after the windows partition on your ssd if you want=====

=======this changes the partition ID of the OKR partition to hidden and OEM=====
sel partition 3
set id="BFBFAFE7-A34F-448A-9A5B-6213EB736C22"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
assign letter="Q"
list volume

======next to clean the harddrive, which is disk1 in my case======
select disk 1
convert GPT

select disk 1
====creates a data partition to store my data,=====
create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="Lenovo"
assign letter="O"

=====the next command will create the size for your recovery partition (this will house the image of your OS), i set mine to 25gb=======
shrink minimum=25000

====this finally creates the recovery partition (which i will put in my harddrive)======
create partition primary
format quick fs=ntfs label="PBR_DRV"
assign letter="R"
set id="de94bba4-06d1-4d40-a16a-bfd50179d6ac"
gpt attributes=0x8000000000000001
list volume

***notice the partition pattern for my ssd drive: win_RE, system, LRS_ESP, MSR, windows8_os, this is important for OKR to work properly, then on my harddrive, notice that the last partition created is the PBR_DRV which is the recovery partition, this is all important to make okr function properly.

b. Editing the Language of okr8 (if yours came with the chinese version)
1. again go to okr8-->lrs_esp--> onekey-->main
2. you will need to edit the language in the LRS-config.xml and LRS-config-org. Right click this file and choose edit to go to your xml editor.
3. press ctrl-f and search for lang, change the language to en-US for english and save your work. (make sure to search the entire xml file to ensure you have changed all the languages to en-US)

III. Creating the windows partition and OKR
1. once you have edited your okr8 iso as you see fit, it is time to boot this up. Touch the novo button, and choose boot menu to boot to your boot drive

2. it will enter an environment with chinese letters. Just tick the checkmark and click the button and wait for it be finished
3. once finished, it will automatically restart.
4. let it finish restarting and from there it will enter the OKR environment.
5. from here you can either reinstall windows using your windows 8 cd or use your windows image you have created to reapply the backup you have made. I will discuss in the next section on how to use your windows image to apply the image.

IV. Apply Backup image created through DISM (optional)
1. enter your okr environment
2. then press ctrl+shift+o to open the command prompt
3. if you have backed up your windows image (i.e. install.wim) to an external harddrive, attach it now
4. first you will need to determine which volume is which
5. enter: diskpart
6. type in: list volume
notice that winre_drv has no drive letter, so lets give it one by entering the following commands:
select volume 4
(since volume 4 is my winre_drv)
assign letter=z
this will give winre_drv drive letter z
then exit diskpart, type: exit

and since we now know that my windows drive is drive C, we can now apply the image

7. command to apply the image you have created
first navigate to the drive that contains your image (which can be seen in diskpart)
enter the DISM command:
DISM /apply-image /imagefile:<IMAGEFILE> /index:1 /applydir:<WINDOWS directory="">
ex: DISM /apply-image /imagefile:install.wim /index:1 /applydir:c:\

8. once finished register your windows drive C: using bcdboot
ex: BCDboot c:\windows
where c:\ is my windows drive.

9. next we need to transfer the winre to the winre_drv
enter the following commands assuming the drive of winre_drv is Z:
md z:\Recovery\WindowsRE
(this creates a directory in your winre_drv)
attrib c:\windows\system32\recovery\winre.wim -h -s
(this unhides the winre.wim constained in your windows directory)
copy c:\windows\system32\recovery\wnre.wim z:\recovery\WindowsRE
(this copies winre.wim to the winre_drv)

10. next we tell windows that the location of winre is in winre_drv using the following command:
c:\windows\system32\reagentc /setreimage /path z:\recovery\windowsre /target c:\windows

11. then we hide winre.wim using the following command:
attrib z:\recovery\windowsRE\winre.wim +h +s

12. once finished reboot your computer to boot into your windows drive

13. then open an elevated command prompt, by searching command prompt, right clicking and entering run as administrator

14. active reagentc by inputting the following commands:
c:\windows\system32\reagentc /enable

15. then shutdown computer and reboot to okr8 again.

V. Creating your first factory backup
1. once you have finished installing windows or applying your image from a backup, and after booting to windows once, shutdown computer and boot into OKR
2. open command prompt via: ctrl+shift+o
3. input: diskpart
4. then input: list volume
5. determine your pbr_drv drive letter
6. enter your pbr_drv letter, in the sample above its, drive k
7. exit diskpart, type: exit
8. go to ur pbr_drv and goto k:\onekey\osimage
9. first input this command
osimage /nopbr
the followed by
osimage /fb
10. this will now create your first factory backup
11. after it creates your backup, shutdown
12. reenter okr8 and see if it works!
13. congrats you have windows in your MSATA with a working OKR!

Bit Torrent
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Comment: You miss in providing the most important part of your guide: the link to the OKR program.

Paper Tape
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Bit Torrent
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Comment: It be would be better if you can edit your first post and incorporate that link. 

Paper Tape
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Done! Thanks for the comment! Smiley Happy
Bit Torrent
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

@magc wrote:
Done! Thanks for the comment! Smiley Happy

You're welcome!


I can't make other comments regarding the guide since I no longer have my unit here with me. I have given it as a gift there in your country.

Paper Tape
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Oh i see. Well hopefully it will be of some help to those other y410p users wanting to use the m.2. port for the ssd and still have a working okr!

Paper Tape
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Re: y410: Msata SSD installation with working OKR (clean install)

Hi Magc,


Your guide is great, I want to do exactly this, use my SSD together with the HDD and have novo button functionality.


Unfortuntely the OKR8 iso from piratebay isn't working (for me). In the iso file all file names are chopped to 8 characters, I think this is the reason. Is there any chance that you can upload your OKR8 iso, for instance at mega?




Nevermind, it was a problem with the software I used to burn the iso file

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