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Paper Tape
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y410 subwoofer problem

hey i bought a 3000y410775745q, n i got this problem wid the subwoofers(not that the speakers are good).
i here no sonud fom d subwoofer. only wen i place my ear on it do i hear something
can some body help me??
Punch Card
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Re: y410 subwoofer problem

I also have a 3000 Y410, I did not check the speakers carefully until I read your posting.

I noted the followings of my Y410:

a. there is sound from subwoofer, but it is too soft, I can heard only when I put my ear on it.

b. the pitch of sound from the 2 front speakers is different, the left speaker has more high frequency sound than the the right, the different  is too obvious.
Punch Card
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Re: y410 subwoofer problem

Dear friends,
I also own the Y410,
I also notice the sound is a bit small compare to other laptop brand, even other branded no sub woofer but have better sound quality.
I also have the same problem with woofer thing, because i never hear a good sound coming out from Y410. in my thinking, if the front speaker sound already that small compare to other, like no woofer at all, i did not test by near near my ear to the woofer because i can expected only a small speaker to acting in woofer. But the funny is  Y410 stated DB Home treater.
Nicholas K.H.Chai
YM: ckhown
Paper Tape
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Location: india
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Re: y410 subwoofer problem

the pitch problem is der on mine too
i guess dis prblm is wid all y410 laptops, so we gotta bear wid it Smiley Sad
Paper Tape
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Re: y410 subwoofer problem

Me Too. I'm having problems with the speaker system. But when you connect it to the audio out, the sound is so load on the output speakers.

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