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Fanfold Paper
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y430 bios?

Purchased the Y430 from CC in the USA. The one with the intel gma x4500mhd not the nvidia one.


Anyways.... Where is the bios section for this model... Is there even bios updates...


I am so use to going to a support a site and looking @ bios updates. Btw nothing personal but the support site when it comes to downloads and such and bios updates if there is any, is the most horrible thing i have ever seen! I am a long time computer user so very familar with them all, dell, hp, asus, etc.


Fanfold Paper
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Re: y430 bios?

i am also waiting for the bios update because i cannnot add memory, my bios is v1.03 and there are v3.00 machines in the market.
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Fanfold Paper
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Re: y430 bios?

oh mine is a lil different than yers i think. this has the intel gma 4500 for a video.


Punch Card
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Re: y430 bios?

Yes, why does Lenovo have the worst support?  I thought I was buying a top of the line branded machine.  Guess what I will never buy again?  Lenovo!  Where are the BIOS updates for the Y430?  Why do I have to here my fan cycle on and off every 2 seconds?


Come on Lenovo!  This is horrible.

Retired Guru
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Re: y430 bios?

Currently, there is no BIOS update for the Y430 model. I would have appreciated a BIOS update to allow disabling the loud beep while plugging/unplugging the AC adapter.

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Punch Card
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Re: y430 bios?

Lenovo, are you going to give us a BIOS update?  Is there something in the works to correct the fan cycling issue and the loud beep on A/C power adapter removal and placement?   Other Lenovo laptops have BIOS updates correcting this issue.  Why not the Y430?
Fanfold Paper
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Re: y430 bios?

yes, I have bought Y430 with NVidia, and I'm waiting to be able to update my BIOS. count one voice from me.


@lenovo: still got no response? is y430 a failed product so you guys dont give any support for it?

Serial Port
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Re: y430 bios?

My Y430 doesn't even have the v3.0 BIOS in the now-shipping Y430s, and I have not been able to find an upgrade even to that level.  Count me in as another Y430 customer looking for a BIOS upgrade for v3.0 and any future versions.
Paper Tape
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Re: y430 bios?

I also ordered Y430 from Lenovo web site and annoyed with this sound. This is a superb note book I ever have (apart from my Thinkpad), but they should really come up with new BIOS release before people get frustrated.

What's DOS?
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Re: y430 bios?

any updates on this???


I am also anoyed by the fan. I do not mind if it is working and I do not mind if it is quiet. BUT on-and-off every 10-15 seconds is getting anoying pretty quick. Also, when in higher speed the fan sounds as if it is rattling.


If we are not going to get a BIOS updates - is there a way for someone to "download" the newer BIOS from one of the newer computers out there and post it somewhere.



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