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y50 non touch hinge problem

I bought my y50 in february 2015

in july I got a message of bad sectors in my HDD and told me to save my data and fix the hardware problem

then I went to the Lenovo service in my country and they replaced it but one week only and the new HDD got bad sectors too so I bought a new SSD (samsung evo 850) and changed it myself .

every thing work great until last week , the sound of the fan changed abit but it was not loud so i ignore it 

after two days while I was cleaning my Laptop with a cleaning silk cloth I found a crack on the bottom around the screw near to left hinge and the keyboard get a little bend in the backspace key area when opening it .

I opend my laptop cover to see what is the problem that make that small crack and I found the plastic that catch the screw in is totaly broken .

I contact lenovo service and tell them about the problem but they say I broke it when I upgrade the HDD with SSD but in fact I followed the instructions and did not destroy anything but they do not believe me, any way my y50 now works perfect but it has a strange fan sound and a crack around the screw .


Note : I take care of my PC well , and I need it in my work and study


this is a picture of the plastic piece that get cracked


so plz : How can I fix that problem ?

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Re: y50 non touch hinge problem



Im not sure how to post problems on this forum but I am having the exact problem with mine, Y50 non touch. I bought it last year 12 April 2015 and I noticed in november 2015 that my laptop was making a weird noise when opening the screen. Then in December I saw that when I was opening the screen it was pushing the casing apart on the left side. Im pretty sure the hinge is seizing which is forcing the plastic seam to split open when closing and opening. Im sure mine will eventually break aswell. I Just spoke with Lenovo support and they said although my laptop is under warranty it does not cover this and I would have to send it in at my expense, where they will assess it and then tell me how much it will cost to fix it. This is my first Lenovo latop and experience with them and probably my last. If Lenovo wants to treat their customers like this then I will take my business elsewhere. 


Sorry I could not be of help, but Im guessing their response to you will be the same.



What's DOS?
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Re: y50 non touch hinge problem

After thorough research, I decided on the Y50 computer for a graduation gift for my daughter.  She is majoring in engineering and I wanted a reliable computer that would take her through 4 years of college and maybe beyond.

It was great until 6 months ago when the left hinge started to crack.  We were quoted $300 for a repair.

I have researched this problem  only to find that it is a MAJOR ISSUE.  Our warranty stemmed from manufacturers date not purchase date, hence our warranty has run out. 

I am beyond upset.  As a single parent working two jobs, spending a $1000 on a computer is a major deal.  Lenovo knows of this problem and this computer is still being sold.  

We decided to get a new computer as what college student can be without his or her computer.  I'm still paying for the Y50 but what is the point of fixing something that is going to break again.  

Lenovo should be responsible and pick up the tab for anyone having this issue.  It is a disgrace.


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