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Paper Tape
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y500 Random Shut Downs

Hi, I just received my new laptop yesterday. I have not experienced any issues through out the day except it just randomly shuts down. It even happens when the adapter is plugged in. But it has happened a couple time when I was in the windows 8 app store, browsing on internet explorer, updating guild wars 2, and when I was spectating a game of league. I was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing the same issues or have any solutions.

Paper Tape
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Re: y500 Random Shut Downs



this just happened to me twice! I literally just took the laptop out of the box about an hour ago.  It's brand spanking new

Paper Tape
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Re: y500 Random Shut Downs

I've been having this problem too. Happened to me twice today and i would say my laptop is about 2-3 months old.
Paper Tape
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Re: y500 Random Shut Downs

It's frustrating and unbearable to see that there are hundreds of posts when you make a Google Search about this issue since 2012 and no real solution from Lenovo.


I am also having this problem and my Y500 is shutting down every 5 minutes.


Any help is very much appreciated!! Thanks in advance!!




Mod's Comment: Please do not start multiple posts on same issue as this only splinters the discussion. Instead, keep your current discussion updated with any additional information. Your duplicate(s) have been removed. Thanks !


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