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Blue Screen Again
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Registered: ‎02-25-2011
Location: usa
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Accepted Solution

y510 will not start, doesn't respond


Recently, the left hinge on my y510 broke which, in turn, tore the inverter cable.

When this happened, the laptop flashed on and off a few times then went dead.

I got the inverter cable soldered at a repair shop for around $50(!), but after replacing it, the laptop still wont turn on.

even with the charger in, none of the lights glow like usual, I've tried everything, charging it, holding down power button, making sure every cable is connected and nothing else is burnt, but I still havent been able to get a response from the laptop.


What could be causing the problem? is there anything I could do to fix it? I really need this laptop working soon Smiley Sad

Retired Guru
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Re: y510 will not start, doesn't respond

When the wire broke, it may have shorted out
something on the motherboard.
I assume no warranty, so a repair shop for further
tests is all I can think of.
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Re: y510 will not start, doesn't respond

It might be possible too that the inverter cables are still soldered together. Disconnect the inverter, and see if the lights come on. If so, take it back to the repair shop because they buggered up.

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Blue Screen Again
Posts: 4
Registered: ‎02-25-2011
Location: usa
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Re: y510 will not start, doesn't respond

well, it turned out that when the cable broke, it caused the motherboard to short out..

So the motherboard is fried, computer doesn't respond.


I had to buy a new laptop, got an HP Pavillion.

Definitely wasn't going to go with Lenovo again. Cmon, a 2 year old laptop breaking beyond repair? That's not exacty the kind of quality I'm looking for.

Anyways, I'm just going to part this one out. If anyone needs a y510 LCD screen or super-multi dvd drive, msg me Smiley Wink