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Paper Tape
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y510p BIOS Corrupted? Force Flash? (3.08)


Having an issue where I am completely unable to access my BIOS settings, after pressing F2 I am directed to the BIOS, then within seconds the keyboard stops responding to inputs. The only way out is by pressing the power button. 


Now for the stange part. Windows system info seems to think I am running 3.08, however the frozen BIOS screen says it is Version 3.07. 


I have tried running the 3.08 update .exe, and am greeted with this; bios1.PNG


I have also tried running the 3.05 update file, and am greeted with the exact same message (not the expected older version message). 


Is there a way to force the flash? I would like to have access to my BIOS again. I have also tried accessing the BIOS via the small button to the left of the left speaker, however this freezes a few seconds in as well. 


The computer runs normally for the most part, my only complaint is the frequent graphics card crashes/restarts under intense gaming load.


Is there a way to downgrade BIOS versions, or force the update?

Paper Tape
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Re: y510p BIOS Corrupted? Force Flash? (3.08)

Is there any way to downgrade the BIOS to 3.05 using a USB drive or CD? Apparently people have been having major problems with Lenovo BIOS setups, and have had great success using modded versions to allow WLAN customization, and fix graphics card errors. 


Considering the factory software has failed me, I would like to give this a try.

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Re: y510p BIOS Corrupted? Force Flash? (3.08)

If you have the 3.05, then theoretically you should be able to flash that BIOS on Y510p.


I am running a modded BIOS from TI forums and its been working great. One problem is that you wont be able to mess with (GPU/hardware) settings in the BIOS since any changes can easily brick the laptop (known issue on the forums).


If you are able to get into windows, I see no reason why you shouldn't be able to flash 3.05 (provided you have it or someone can give it to you)


NOTE - I can check at home if I have the 3.05 install file but I highly doubt it.

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