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Fanfold Paper
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y510p Hard disk Failing - who is the manufacturer?


I bought my y510p in January 2014 and now the HDD is failing - loads of bad sectors, BSOD, cant make a back up, fails seatools tests etc. I think its going to die but I would like to squeeze all the data I can out of it before it goes.


One thing I want to try is any repair tools that the manufacturer of the drive offers, BUT I can't for the life of me find out who made the thing - does anyone know, or know where I will find the information. In the "device manager" the disk is called: "ST1000LM014-1EJ164" and the manufacturer is listed as "(standard disk drives)"




Bit Torrent
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Re: y510p Hard disk Failing - who is the manufacturer?

It is a Seagate.


Your best  bet is to backup your loved data and get a new HDD.

Otherwise, if you squeeze the orange to much, you will have orange pulp HDD.

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Re: y510p Hard disk Failing - who is the manufacturer?

Doesn't matter who made it get a drive you like. Even replacing with an SSD drive will give you a huge performance boost. Transfer you Mydocument files off and email file if you have one to an external drive. If it copies from the source then at least you have them. Pictures as well and anything else you can thing of. Most people can fit this on a 16 or 32GB USB key if you own a USB HD. I backup to a 5TB USB 3.0 HD.
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