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Paper Tape
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y510p Only one graphics card running during games?

On my y510p with GT755 SLI, it appears that only one of the 755's are running. The evidence is when I am playing a graphics intensive game, (Grand Theft Auto 4), only the left vent is outputting hot air and making noise. The right side seems to be quiet and not expelling hot air. I can confirm that SLI is enabled and that both graphics cards are detected by Windows.


I don't play too many games, so I am not sure if this is a problem isolated with certain games, such as GTA4. Or if this is a software bug that is preventing both cards from running.



Paper Tape
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Re: y510p Only one graphics card running during games?

Have you tried looking on the Nvidia website to see if they have drivers and support for that game?


The SLI setup doens't support games by default, Nvidia need to have made a driver for it because of the way it works.


From looking through the forum though it looks like it's a good thing it's not working! Everyone seems to be moaning about overheating!

What's DOS?
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Re: y510p Only one graphics card running during games?

I have the same issue - Y510p with dual graphics cards and when I run Skyrim only the left one there a way to share the load between both graphics cards and both increase, or maintain, performance and lower wear on the equipment?  Please Lenovo!  or other folks! Let us know - thanks 

Token Ring
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Re: y510p Only one graphics card running during games?

MAN i've read sooooo much about SLI and how much crap you have to deal with.. its truly not worth it.. i'm sorry to tell you but i've read nothing but  pages upon pages of overheating.. SLI freezes,lags,problems.. and of course, can't get the 2 cards to work.. 


start googling and searching through here.. but good luck..  i have a y410p with 1 nvidia card and its too hot.. its a joke man.. i literally have my fan on constantly at full speed to attempt to cool the thing.. but i'm still pushing close to 80C or higher.. and i just play simple type games. maybe arma III at most..


sorry for the bad news.. you'll probably get it to work eventually.. there is definitely driver hunting you will need to do..

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