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y510p hard disk 100% activity spikes

Hey guys, 


Recently I've noticed that my laptop was having 100% hard disk activity even though it's at idle. I went to my university's tech store for help, they aren't able to fully solve it either. 


If I remember correctly, we tried: 
1. Disable superfetch. 

2. Increase virtual memory. 

3. Disabled automatic windows updates. 

4. Disabled scheduled hard disk defrag/optimizing. 

5. Clean boot.

6. Disabled BITS 


Before this, it was constantly at a 100% without ever going down. After this, it's able to go down to around 10%, sometimes even 0%. But whenever I open some program, something as simple as Chrome, it spikes to a 100%. And after certain tasks, it remains at a 100% without ever going down. It would only go down if I restart a few times. 

Also, it would take a few minutes after startup for the percentage to go down. 

Ps. Even on clean boot, it would spike to 100% too. 

My laptop:  i7, 16gb Ram, 1Tb hard disk, Windows 8.1, non-SLI. 
Hope to get some help! It's really torturous to have that lag. 

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