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Paper Tape
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y510p screen flicker FIX!

Found a possible fix (workaraound) of the famous screen flicker problem. I've tried all of the proposed fixes found anywhere on the web and nothing worked for more than 5 minutes. I also sent it to be serviced, came back even worse.

The screen would go crazy when showing high contrast images with a lot of black. The flicker was most prominent when testing the pixel-walk(inversion) on this website:

If you have the same problem, try applying pressure on the LCD frame in one of the corners. In my case the flicker went away. I put a piece of fabric between the plastic and the metal LCD frame and after some fiddling I managed to find a sweet spot with no flicker.

My laptop is y510p with 755M SLI and FullHD screen.

Try at your own risk!


Paper Tape
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Re: y510p screen flicker FIX!

Ok, I have an update. The flickering can be fixed with a bit of DIY. There's a band cable attaching the display circuit to the metal frame holding the LCD. This band is glued with some sort of conductive glue that goes bad over time, messing up the electronics somehow, I guess preventing the capacitors from discharging properly, dunno.
Try and make your own conductive band, I made mine using aluminum tape, it works very well. No flicker noticeable for over a week.

Once again, try at your own risk.

What's DOS?
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Re: y510p screen flicker FIX!


would a screen replacement resolve this as I can do that but not very technical beyond that. Thanks for posting your fix as its driven me insane for nearly a year

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