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y530 screen visual artifact

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I have a y530 with nvidia 9800m GS video card and the "antiglare" screen (actually it is glossy, but lenovo calls it antiglare), vista 64, and I am seeing a very particular visual artifact.  It is a little difficult to explain, but basically, when I look closely, it looks as if there is a mesh over the display made of very small diagonal crossthatching.  To be clear - it looks like there are diagonal lines going from up to bottom, and bottom to up, that intersect in a very small (i.e. fine) pattern creating very tiny rombuses.  Another way to explain it is it looks like the pound sign "#" but on an angle and much much smaller.  


This pattern is not seen all of the time, but is more pronounced in certain deep colors. For example, when I play online poker, the green poker table center is covered with these intersecting diagonal lines.  It also shows up in shades of blue and other colors.  Also, if any of you are familiar with the nvidia control panel, under the 3D graphics section, there is a rotating green graphic - this graphic particularly examplifies this artifact that I am seeing.


Which brings up another point - the artifact is much more visible when a graphic on the screen is moving, OR if the object is standing still, the artifact is more visible when I move my head or even just my eyes across the screen.


When I connect the laptop to my CRT tv, I do not see this artifact.  I have played around with all of the graphic settings and have not been able to make it better.  When the artifact shows up, much like looking through a fine mesh, it makes the object almost fliker - which makes me think that increasing the refresh rate may help, but as you know, the laptop LCD can only produce the 60mhz refresh rate. By the way, I keep the resolution at the monitor's native 1280X800.  I have been trying to research this problem on the web  but have not found any results.


one last thing - I have seen this effect on some laptops before.  I have never seen it on a laptop with a matte screen.  A year ago, I worked on a toshiba laptop with a glossy screen that exhibited this same behavior.  Since then, about a month ago, I worked on an HP laptop with a glossy screen that did not exhibit this artifact.  And now I am very disappointed that the lenovo y530 has this problem.


Any help would be much appreciated and sorry for the long post.



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Re: y530 screen visual artifact

How about some pictures?
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Re: y530 screen visual artifact

i don't think it will com out in pictures.


i've been doing a little more research, and it is possible that it has to do with the "anti-glare" screen.  the screen obviously still reflects everything in the room, but I think lenovo may have put some sort of filter over the screen to reduce this glare.  and it may be this filter that is causing this effect.  


Can anyone with the "anti-glare" screen comment?  I found one vague comment on the net to the effect that "things look better from further away due to the filter/film".  

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